Drabblecast 342 - I'm Bill Kurtis

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Drabblecast 342 - I'm Bill Kurtis

Post by Algernon Sydney is Dead » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:33 pm

Feature: I'm Bill Kurtis by Victor Schultz
Drabble: DIY Spaceship Repair by Monsieur Moustache
Genres: Horror Mystery


Monday, November 10th, 2014
Nate had expected the first serial killer. In fact the first thing he'd said to Kelly once their Ford rolled to a stop on the shoulder was, "This is serial killer country. We're finished." She made scaredy-cat eyes and drew a finger across her throat. "Finished," he enunciated. She'd heard his bake before, something to the effect that certain places settled and then maybe recultivated to feel remote--the Wisconsin Northwoods, for example, or parts of Appalachia or, in this case, Tornado Alley--were stuffed silly with the dumped spent corpses that were the nuggets of serial killers' labor. The type needed space to operate. So each tree in the Northwoods doubled as a headstone, each stalk of corn out here a memorial, and to hike cross-country through such territory was to traipse condemned through the densest kind of cemetery.

Episode Art: E. C. Ibes
This story first appeared in Surreal South '11. It has been reedited for the Drabblecast.

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Re: Drabblecast 342 - I'm Bill Kurtis

Post by pondspider » Tue Nov 11, 2014 6:45 pm

Feel like I'm living in an alternative universe this week... (my feedback on this week's B-Side, Sorry About Your Dog)

I liked this story, although I was a bit unclear about how the girl managed to dispose of her would-be killers. Were they just crap at their chosen passtime? Is there something I missed in the plot and characters... or some serial killer "givens" that would explain events?

I thought the ending was a bit weak, though. It didn't seem to fit with the style and mood of the rest of the story, coming across as a bit silly, rather than creepy / scary / weird, as if the author had decided to wrap it up without a lot of further thought.

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Re: Drabblecast 342 - I'm Bill Kurtis

Post by tbaker2500 » Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:06 am

This was hilarious. Loved it!
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