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Drabblecast 366 &367 - The Whisperer in Darkness

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 11:30 am
by SpareInch
Drabblecast 366 &367 - The Whisperer in Darkness

Drabblecast 366 – The Whisperer in Darkness pt. 1

Feature:  The Whisperer in Darkness  by  H.P. Lovecraft

Genre Drabblecast  Horror

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Bear in mind closely that I did not see any actual visual horror at the end. To say that a mental shock was the cause of what I inferred – that last straw which sent me racing out of the lonely Akeley farmhouse and through the wild domed hills of Vermont in a commandeered motor at night – is to ignore the plainest facts of my final experience. Notwithstanding the deep things I saw and heard, and the admitted vividness the impression produced on me by these things, I cannot prove even now whether I was right or wrong in my hideous inference. For after all Akeley’s disappearance establishes nothing. People found nothing amiss in his house despite the bullet-marks on the outside and inside. It was just as though he had walked out casually for a ramble in the hills and failed to return. 
Episode Art:  P. Emerson Williams

Twabble:  “On his return to Earth, reporters asked him if life on Mars had changed him. He gazed back at them. They were obliterated. ”  by  The6thDoctor

Drabblecast 367 – The Whisperer in Darkness pt. 2

Feature:  The Whisperer in Darkness  by  H.P. Lovecraft

Genre:  Drabblecast  Horror

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Then, apparently crossing my incoherent note and reaching me Saturday afternoon, September 8th, came that curiously different and calming letter neatly typed on a new machine; that strange letter of reassurance and invitation which must have marked so prodigious a transition in the whole nightmare drama of the lonely hills. Again I will quote from memory – seeking for special reasons to preserve as much of the flavour of the style as I can.  
To say that the letter relieved me would be only fair, yet beneath my relief lay a substratum of uneasiness. If Akeley had been sane in his terror, was he now sane in his deliverance? 

Episode Art:  P. Emerson Williams

Twabble:  “Snuggled against Terry’s chest, Ann was pointing at clouds. “That one looks lie a Xalexian Planet destroyer!” It was. ”  by  Niboree