Britian's Greatest Medium

100 word stories. Post all you like, maybe we'll dip in and use yours?
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Britian's Greatest Medium

Post by Phenopath » Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:30 pm

Britian's Greatest Medium

Simon slumped in front of his oversized TV channel surfing before alighting on 'Britain's Greatest Medium'. Ah, shadenfrauder. On screen a pathetic crone was being conned by a tanned silver-haired fraud.

"I have a message for you from a John ... no James ... Jack! Jack wants you to be happy and move on with your life..."

The medium turned suddenly to face the camera.

"Simon Herbert Jones your ennui is killing you. Cyncism is preventing you from forming any meaningful relationships. You have not phoned your mother in five months..."

Simon turned over to watch 'The Bill' in disgust.


Hi Phenopath here, sometime listener, first time poster. I hope that you like my drabble. Those not from the UK should read 'shitty long running cop show' in place of 'The Bill'. Of course that does not fit in 100 words and 'The Bill' perfectly represents the ennui from which poor Simon was suffering.

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Post by tbaker2500 » Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:14 am

Nice one! How very, very true.

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