Laramidian Sunset, Circa 66 MYA (Hopeless Romantic Prompt)

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Laramidian Sunset, Circa 66 MYA (Hopeless Romantic Prompt)

Post by J_Kyle » Thu Apr 24, 2014 7:40 am

T’Saurrag trudged across the plains, weary and starving. His tail, once feathered and beautiful, dragged behind him. His powerful legs trembled beneath his weight. And for what? Dreams and prayers? Lonely nights with his forelimbs stretched skyward? He had grown no wings, sprouted no new feathers. The firelights remained – as ever – out of reach.

Dusk fell, and he with it. He’d chosen his deathplace well: a low hill beneath the sky. He looked up, one last time, to curse his wasted life. And saw.

Something red. Large, and growing larger.

He smiled. At last, the sky had come for him.

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