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Mars 2064 A.D.

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:25 am
by JasonMott
"Sir! We picked up a distress signal from space."
"Can you get the signal's origin, Lieutenant?"
The lieutenant taps some keys.
"It's coming from Mars, sir."
"Yes, Sir. It's coming from a U.S. colony on Mars."
"You're obviously reading it wrong, Lieutenant. Recalculate."
Nervously, the lieutenant checks again.
"No mistake, Sir. The signal's Martian, and it's from Americans."
"It's a hoax, then. Triangulate, and double-"
"Sir! I'm sorry for interrupting, but, the time stamp-"
"What about it?"
"It says it was recorded fifty years from now."
The commander picks up the phone.
"Get me the President! Now!"