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No Homo

Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 2:42 am
by ktrex
“No homo,” whispers the time traveler to himself, hoarsely, as his eyes desperately sweep the savannah. Surrounding him are unfamiliar trees and megafauna. It has been so many years, the original mission long since forgotten. Supplies are low. And all this because of that damned spanner damaging the navigation display. What a fool! One fat tear squeezes out, rolls, falls down onto the dusty ground, where it seeps in quickly. He sinks to his knees and yells to the heavens, weeping, “NO HOMO!” He cannot remember when he last set eyes on a shred of humanity.


Yeah, yeah, it's a variation on a meme, if you're familiar. But it's the most writing I've done in..... a while.