Know When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

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Know When To Keep Your Mouth Shut

Post by PhineasQP » Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:12 am

Joe’s initiation into one of the most infamous street gangs in the world was tonight. The beating he was about to endure from the ten senior members would be his ticket in. It was tradition.

He was understandably nervous. He’d already annoyed several of them with his smart mouth. He tried not to, but sometimes he just couldn’t help it. The gang circled him menacingly, eager to begin.

“Superman better watch out,” Joe murmured.
Ray, the gang leader shot him a quizzical look.
“Superman? What?”
“Well, y’know… because I’m gonna be a Crip tonight!”

Joe did not survive the beating.
What the what?

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