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A Prophecy Fulfilled

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:21 pm
by Weird Beard
The figure stood resplendent in a beauty that brought tears to my eyes. I blinked the tears away and saw another aspect so horrific that it choked off my scream with paralyzing terror.

The skin over its head pulsed, then erupted over me in an mass of long, thin worms. They penetrated and emerged over and over as they stitched and morphed my body into an abomination.

Transformed, I began my slaughter, for I had become The Devourer of Socks. Soon I would fulfill my destiny and there would be no more pairs of socks left anywhere in the world.

This story did not start out with this particular ending, but in a re-draft it kind of took a different direction and I figured, why not?