The Last Tree

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The Last Tree

Post by Hatching Phoenix » Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:52 pm

The Last Tree stood in the center of the massive temple complex. Under a searingly bright dome of artificial blue sky, It seemed to glow from darkened entryway.
Julissa approached silently, as reverent as a nun, and knelt among the twisting roots of the towering oak. Its leaves, gold as autumn, made a soft carpet for her. She bent her head, reached out one hand to the rough bark, and murmured a prayer to the last living thing that had ever known the Earth.
A long time later, Julissa stood, and wept as she unhooked the axe from her belt.

Author's note: This drabble was first published as a part of Everyday Drabbles, a daily flash fiction project I'm doing for 2019 on Wattpad. ... y-drabbles

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