The Twilight Histories podcast

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The Twilight Histories podcast

Postby Castor Pollux » Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:31 am

Hello, this is Castor Pollux. You might remember that article I wrote for Alternate History Weekly Update which (hopefully) brought The Drabblecast to a new audience. I'd like to return the favor by sharing one of my favorite podcasts with all of you.

The Twilight Histories is a time travel alternate history podcast that take you, yes, you the listener go on adventures to alternate worlds where history played out differently. There's a world where Carthage survived and established a colony on Mars, a world where a computer created a robot army and took over the world and even a world where Rome was revived as an Islamic empire.

I often make maps to go along with these worlds and clearly I'm a big fan. Intrigued? Here a link:

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