China to build orbiting solar power station a la Asimov

Would have beena great fiction story...if it was fiction
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China to build orbiting solar power station a la Asimov

Post by Djinndustries » Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:43 am

From today's South China Morning Post:

Space agency looks to capture sun's power
Scientists propose building a massive orbiting station to relay solar energy to the earth
Stephen Chen
Sep 03, 2011

Unfortunately I don't have the full text, but much of it was apparently in this previous abstract from 1998 (in the current article, the number is closer to 100Mw): ... esia.shtml

For the near term, an SPS pilot plant project, "SPS 2000", using a satellite in low equatorial orbit is being studied in Japan (1). Planned as an inter-national collaborative project to demonstrate the delivery of 10 MW of microwave power to rectennas sited within a few degrees of the equator, the current design specifies an altitude of 1100 km for the satellite which will deliver power for 200 seconds on each pass over a rectenna.

To date 8 countries, including Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Ecuador and Colombia on the Pacific Rim, as well as Malaysia, Brazil, Tanzania and Maldives, have all agreed to participate in the project by planning a rectenna near the equator. The design of the first satellite to be used in the system has not yet been finalised, but realization of the first ever SPS pilot plant system is expected to stimulate interest in SPS among electricity supply companies around the world.

The southernmost parts of China's territory are too far north to host a rectenna for this demonstrator project, since the current specifications enable power to be delivered no further than 3 degrees from the equator. However, Indonesia has territory on both sides of the equator, and a study is currently under way of a potential site in Halmahera island in the north eastern province of Moluccas (6).

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Re: China to build orbiting solar power station a la Asimov

Post by strawman » Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:13 pm

Sure. What could go wrong with that? Just plug into Indonesia from Beijing with a 3200 mile cord.
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Re: China to build orbiting solar power station a la Asimov

Post by Algernon Sydney is Dead » Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:45 pm

Don't worry. It's not like -- with a slight tweak to the transmitting antenna -- our sworn, communist enemies will have a 10 MW, Death Ray -- able to target all cities in the lower 48. :wink:

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