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B-Sides Episodes from before the paywall

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:39 pm
by HoopyFreud
Hi, all. Longtime listener and lurker.

I recently lost my podcast library. I've redownloaded most of it, but I'm confronted with a minor issue - that my old B-Sides episodes from before the paywall for B-Sides went up are gone with no way to recover them. I understand the idea behind B-Sides as a premium content feed, and I'd subscribe if I could, but as a poor student I have to pinch pennies. Since they were distributed under the Drabblecast's standard CC license (I've no idea under what license new eps are distributed), I was wondering if anyone might be kind enough to share with me the pre-paywall B-Sides episodes only.

If the mods don't want a begging thread like this around, I'll remove it. Honestly, I feel bad enough about making it in the first place, but my guilt lost out to my despair over not having those B-Sides episodes.