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Postby normsherman » Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:42 am

To whomever is to be reading this
Hellow and good salutations to you. I am Jamal San Jose. I am sorry for your current troubles in your mass oil spilling into your enormous watering hole. It is quite truly sad. But Nigeria is experiencing a new threat. During the game of foot ball in this the 96 FIFA world cups our great nation has lost to wicked nations of Argentina and South Korea. Due to these most unseat ling and our current streak of losing it has become most dangerous for ourselves and our livelystock. But you kan help us. We are preparing an anchent ritual that will allowe us to win in the coming years. We can not tell you all of ritual since it would cause severe mind damage but it involves a melon, a chicken and what you call a Vibrator. For some ingredients we can get ourselves but for most we must have money. With the generous of 100 US American Dollors you call help great nation of Nigeria against all others. Although we cannot pay for your kindness you will be able to remember for next FIFA tournament in witch you can partak in office FIFA Cup betting. Me and my many members of the family thank you.
Your and fro always
Jamal San Jose
"Give us all some Jelly"

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