A slick company.

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A slick company.

Post by LizPennies » Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:46 am

Subject: Tim told me you would like this.


I was speeking with mutuel frend Tim the other day and he said you be very happy to enjoy this opportunity business. My name is P. B. Promuleet. It is unfortunate not we have meet sooner. I here good thing of you, and decide you deserve chance at better lifeing.

You may have hered of tragic spill of oil. It is killing much ocean with pullutings. My company has develop machine that can collect spill of oil out of waters to protecting wildlife. But Ubinhad law is preventing my companies machines out of country. If you wish wildlife not be killed, sign attached petition below to approve our machine for opporationings. Plese remember to include social security number, or signature is not counted by Ubinhad law.

You are hero! But there is more! All oil that is collect by machines is national interwaters. A good invest. Never before have oil been so cheap for investing. Tim say he worries for you working too much. Never work again! Turn $100 into $100,000,000! Save planit, AND be rich!

Send Cashier Check payble to: P. B. Industries. Box 3004, Noreelly, Ubinhad 99902. Be certain of include you bank account and routing number for direct deposit of you money from investing. Then sit back as fortuns poor in.

I offer as personal favor to Tim. Act fast for this opportunity of business. There is not much room left in company for invest.
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