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Post by normsherman » Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:32 am

My Deerest Friend ,

I am sending you this message on your request of helping world AID in my country of Africa. I am a widowmaker soon refugee from my native Nigeria. My husband was leader of esteemed Nigerian Vuvuzela Orchestra to the president of Africa. Due to recent happenings of the World Cup events we have been forced from our home and my husband has been disappeared. I am reaching to you, my deerest friend for your AIDS.

Nigerian prince Barrister Agrobati is due to medical condition rely on your AIDS for the continuing of the Nigerian Vuvezela Orchestra my deerest friend. Prince Agrobati, beloved daughter of our African president suffer from disorder of drums of the ears. Only the tones of the Nigerian Vuvuzela Orchestra may prevent catastrophic inward explosion of these drum heads of the ear causing blood to fill her brain and certain death.

When fleaing our home my wife removed all funds from the Nigerian Vuvezela Orchestra to a remote account only to be accessed in his name with a deposit of $3,582.97 in his name. Great popularity and success making has given the Nigerian Vuvezela Orchestra $83 million for annual operating budgets which now resides in remote account.

I am pleading with you my deerest friend to make the donate of $3,582.97 in the name of my disappeared widow to release our funds and constitute big American tour of Nigerian Vuvuzela Orchestra in your honor to save our Nigerian prince from blood drowning death. I have secured 25% of dollars removed to be returned to you for your AIDS in this material.

I must please beg you discrete haste deerest friend. Please respond in email clearly stating your personnel phone numbers and the numbers of your fax and home.

Faithful Regards,

Mary Smith
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