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Post by knorphus » Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:29 am

A favor so small for your reward.

Dear sir or madam,

YOUR COUSIN was asked to forward this message to you, the achievable cousins of Sir Edmond Bantusi of former Yorkshire decention. I hope your surprise has not caught you offhand, as my intentions were not this. Please read the following message from Sir Edmend Bantusi as it was intended for YOUR EYES ONLY.

FWD: FWD:RE: Cousin please help
Sent Novemeber 17, 2010

Cousin I desperately need your help. I have lost my fortune key in the river to the way of the bank. They have not allowed me entrance to our families fortunate inheritances. They are requiring that PROOF OF TWO COUSINS are present in the transaction. I have negotiated simply your response. Please accept a partnership as I accept your urgency. The total verifyble sum is ₤1,005,011.38. If you get this cousin and send me your support I can SEND YOU THE RAW EQUIVALENT. My phone is in the custody also of the bank and they have required me to email electronically only for your response. I am sorry you can not call me to hear your voice, it has been too long. The bank representative must only be the verifyable one to the second cousins. plaese email him today as they will not let me leave soon enough for our family.

Please act quickly cousin,

Desmond Smith-Georges