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Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 2:28 pm
by Christi
StalinSays wrote:1. RAPtor - I really like a hip-hop competitor, with metal grill teeth and blinding bling - bully idea, just bully. But the Scraptor, a cyborg raptor was a prominent figure of season 2. Could we dredge up another critter to MC this power set?
The VulGon
Breed: Vulcan / Dragon
Size: 8 ft
Weight: 200kg

Has mind control when able to perform death grip (needs direct physical contact)
Flaming sulpherous breath
Super intelligent (able to perform extremely complex calculations in its head)
Thick scaled skin providing bullet proof and acid resistant protection
Oh and he can fly.

Soft vulnerable underbelly (good for making shoes, handbags and other accessories)
Its flame throwing breath is limited to about 5 bursts of flame, it then has to build up more fire (this can take about 7 minutes) so it needs to conserve this weapon
It tends to take too long to calculate its next offensive move as it has a strong compulsion to account for all logical outcomes and variables.

Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:15 pm
by StalinSays
Jan already nailed down a Komodo with her Kimono Dragon. Let's say giant iguana for Raptile and we're in business.

Between that and this newly submitted scaly Trekker, the Reptiles Division heat is going to be very competitive! :mrgreen:

Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:05 pm
by Candiboy
If its not too late:

Tube Lipped Meno-Bat

Breed: A Menopausal Tube Lipped Nectar bat
Size: 7.5cm

Its size make this a very agile entrant. Able to fly at super fast speeds and deliver long distance attacks with its tongue (that is 150% the length of its body).
Menopause makes it extra vicious as it has nothing to loose and will gain extra power for attacks if it happens to have a hot flush while in a fight, and will proceed to initiate its secrete weapon: Hormonal Passive Aggressive Attacks, which will reduce the other fighter into a crying emotional heap, although it might happen later after the battle and the combatant won't know why they are so upset.
Its draw backs are the likely chance of depression caused by the belief the bat is past its prime or the sudden onset of incontinence. Also its huge tube lips requires that it has Chapstick on its person at all time.

Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:46 pm
by StalinSays
Candiboy wrote:If its not too late:
Until you see the lock on the topic, let em fly. I'll be doing the drawing for the heats on Saturday, so there's a halo for tonight/tomorrow.

And how could we deny this guy (err.. gal):

In looking up more info on squirrels, to round out the powers of proposed paint addled beast Nutsy (tentative title), I found out about the Giant Grizzled Squirrel (wikipedia). The amount of awesome animals in this world never ceases to amaze.


Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:29 am
by StalinSays
Swanflict - revised
The latest generation of the true swan bloodline. Common swans betray the beast's true essence, of an alpha predator! Wings so fine they cut like knives, with detachable feathers. Grace, cunning. So white it reflects the sun, causing temporary blindness. Has an eagle eye (a term that swans hate by the way, as it is a bastardized form of the original 'swan's eye'), and with it, amazing aim - able to hit a target dead on, from more than a mile away. An intolerable arrogance, befitting of its lineage.

S'quarrel - putting a pin in this squirrel talk
A paint addled squirrel. Once an ordinary pest, the Squarrel fell in to a vat of paint, and ate its way out. This transformative process swelled it to the size of a moose. Lead in paint has made its blood toxic, silicas bonded with its muscles, lending strength and density. Massive, ever growing incisors seek bone on which to be cut. Maddened state causes fearless, rabid behavior - will attack beyond the limitations of self preservation. Can stuff a full beast competitor in its paunchy cheeks. Skin flaps between limbs allows for gliding and soft landings.

Spicy Tuna
Born of the same sludge that once bred the mighty Godzilla, Japanese import the Spicy Tuna presents a more quizzical, but no less lethal threat. An air-breathing, land walking tuna fish, the size (and weight) of a milk truck. It's scales are fine and easily shed, abrasive to the touch en masse, and worse, intensely irritating. Knowing this, the Spicy Tuna will release bellows of the stuff, swirling around it like clouds of mace. Can raise body temperature to a boil, leading to its preferred method of attack: laying atop felled pray until it heat and weight melts the foe to nothing. Spicy Tuna may be served raw, but that hasn't reduced its love of cooking!

The Red Panda*
Communist China's answer to Big Boris - a 9th generation Red Panda, eugenically forged. Oh they said it was to save an endangered species, and yes, re-population was involved, but the stronger pandas, they were taken underground. And from them, monsters were made! Years of captive, selective breeding - hump-and-dumps, and not the sexy type, oh no, like the hump now, then we shoot the male and dump him in a trench of carrion, kinda stuff, with rampant DNA splicing and genes from god knows where (it glows in the damn dark!). Though the Red Panda is genetically similar to a raccoon, and not a true bear, it is truly the size of a bear. Raised by the state, taught only by experts. It is rangy, adaptive, and It's beliefs are unwavering. It's armament is tame by MBDM standards - metal claws, metal teeth, two back mounted, retracting gun turrets, and mortar firing from its chest. But then comes the twist: it receives remote, tactical orders via a communications panel integrated directly in to its grey matter, from an offsite base using spy satellites. Cheating? Nah man, national pride.

The world's first super computer to reach sentience, the AI-ai is a robot, straight-up. But, but, but - it's in the form of an ai-ai (still counts!). For reasons beyond our fathoming, the AI determined this to be the ideal form for a living thing, and mimicked it to the last fingernail. Inorganic, composed of self replicating nano-bytes surrounding a central processor. Can rebuild itself indefinitely. Utilizes lasers in its beady eyes, and whip-like extending fingers. An analytical approach born of an intelligence that dwarfs the whole of mankind. So what is it doing here? Again, unfathomable.

*red panda

* ai-ai

Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:33 am
by StalinSays
Note: Most, but not all, of submitted beast will be in heat voting. The sets of beasts pitted against one another in voting groups will be tactfully arranged. Some notes of clariffication:

Why certain beasts might be passed over

-if a new mega-beasts essential animal nature (Lionic = a lion, Squid Marx = a squid, Telephant = an elephant,Scraptor = a Raptor, etc etc), matches that of a former competitor, they will be passed on for sake of freshness.

-if an new beasts concept is too vague. 'He's a super bear.' Detail your critter, give it some wrinkles!

-if a beast is funny, as per description, but would not be 'competitive' in a true round of voting and discussion. For example, Sickle Cell Anemone (from the facebook page).

-if a power set or general vibe has been covered before by a former competitor. For example, Pandemic, whose powers were spread of sickness and vomiting, would put a damper on future, disease-oriented examples. Beelzebounce, a demonic kangaroo, would hold back future hellions. Etc etc. This rule is the least strict of the rules mentioned (only so many powers to be had), and (again) exists for the sake of freshness.

Why certain beasts will be matched together in heat voting

- overarching animal 'type' : squids/octopuses/tentacled types, will be matched. Reptiles/amphibians/slithery types, will meet early. This is to prevent a set of 9 too dominated by a certain 'vibe.'

- similarity of powers : magical beasts will meet early. Super-brains, techno-centric, clawed ferocious types, etc etc.

- general types : defensively oriented 'tank' types will be matched, poisoners / life-drainers the same, quick moving stick and move slashers as well. Curating for the best 'mix' in the set of 9.

Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:10 am
by moonowl
The Killwi:

Escapee from a famous New Zealand effects studio, this was a normal stuffed museum piece until it was reanimated and jazzed up with special effects. Now the undead bird can only be chopped up to bits before it dies. Can't fly, but it is uprising agile, and can lay at will an unlimited number of explosive eggs almost the same size of it's body.

Moon Snail:

Giant snail from space! Attached to a wandering space probe it found it's way back to Earth, were it grew to monstrous proportions.. Moon Snails often hitch rides on space rubble, and to protect itself and it's ride from collisions it has it's own Star Wars like system. It can shoot short burst of lazer-like energy from it's antennae. It's not speedy, but has great shell armor. Like it's distant gastropod relations that were already hanging out here, it has a modified drill on it's enlarged foot that can bore into enemies. Once drilled into the sweet insides, it uses digestive acids to eat it's prey from the inside.

Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:21 am
by Dr. Ew ... 0e747620bb


From the depths of... somewhere far.

you know... I was going to submit this cutie pie, but now I think I can't bare to see him scrap. I think I just want to find 2 of them and try my hand at breeding...

But then again....

The Half Jackal half Hippo is one mean prick. He lures you in with his pseudo puppy dog eyes and then opens that hippo-sized mouth... 1 bite and you are short an appendage... He is extremely evasive.. I mean.. when's the last time you ever even heard of one of these? Maybe due to it's evolved anti-pigment cloaking abilities... out of sight - out of mind.. until dinner time.

Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 3:26 pm
by strawman
Inspired by Mr Graham's facebook post about binnall's carniverous horses:

Mr. d'Ed

A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Mr. d'Ed! Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear! From out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse Mr. d'Ed! Wilbur rides again!

Wow! The Speed of Light! Thundering Hoofbeats! Mr. d'Ed!

Ya know, I never did see Wilbur actually ride Mr. d'Ed. All they did was talk. And when's the last time you saw Wilbur, huh? Could Mr. d'Ed have finally made him his sugar cube?

Re: MBDM 2012 - Feed Us Your Beast Suggestions

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:30 pm
by Dr. Ew
strawman wrote:Could Mr. d'Ed have finally made him his sugar cube?
I just snorted all by my lonesome.