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Taking the Holy Cell's name in 'vein'

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 6:33 am
by secretnude
Much apologies to the Holy Cell
for not taking its Holy Name well.

I might
as well
be smite
on sight
by the great might
of that Almighty
Holy Cell
with His Odd
Ethereal Pseudopods
for not taking in well
the name of the Holy Cell.

I had
a quite bad
blood extraction that took three needles
when one needle
would suffice
but my blood vessels
aren't nice
and easy to get
and there isn't an easier way yet
to get
to blood vessels
except by trial and error
and the error
I hate
but tolerate
at any rate.

In his memory, I write this poetic art

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 7:45 am
by secretnude
May the Holy Cell
forgive as well
my good Cousin
who may
have lived in Sin
as a gay
person that some people say
are predestined to very well
go to hell.

He had a fine
career like mine
and we were fine
'yuppies' until he got sick
at a younger age than me
and you see
that he
sadly had Lymphoma
which is Blood Tumor
while I had a Prolactinoma
which is a Brain Tumor.

I didn't even hear a rumor
that he was sick until he did depart
and in his memory, I write this poetic art.

The Indifference of the Holy Cell

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:02 am
by secretnude
The Holy Cell
might as well
be experimenting
and tormenting
many 'Cultured Cells'
in a dish
and I do wish
for the Holy Cell
to treat Cells well.

Random sickness does strike
the good and the bad alike
but what's not to like
is very well
the indifference of the Holy Cell.

I got programming skills
that did kill
while my Cousin was HR Practioner
that became a Manager.

Such promising and quite good lives
ruined by the indifference of the Holy Cell
that might as well
in my imagination
even if I live
in a very Catholic nation.

St. Augustine and Genetic Predestination

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:46 am
by secretnude
John Calvin's conception
of Predestination
has support in the work of the august
St. Augustine
who was a Catholic Theologian with a fine
Godly mind.

The Scientific
findings that specific
traits of being good has been partially
might mean
that God
is condemning a few to be bad
which is quite very sad.

I'm glad
that I don't believe anymore in God.

However, if I were still to believe in God
I might have been
predestined to take a Calvinist stance
by chance.

An All Knowing
God should know
who deserves grace
and who are just a disgrace.
genetic determinism — the idea that genes determine the behaviour of an organism — in criminal cases.

"90% of all murders are committed by people with a Y chromosome — males. Should we always give males a shorter sentence?" says Steve Jones, a geneticist at University College London. "I have low MAOA activity but I don't go around attacking people." ... .1050.html
the supremely Good thus turning to good account even what is evil, to the condemnation of those whom in His justice He has predestined to punishment, and for the salvation of those whom in His mercy He has predestined to grace.

Some Cellular Priests did exchange genetic materials

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:58 am
by secretnude
The High Cellular Priests
that act and look like Yeast
all did at least
attend a Seminary
that set them apart from Ordinary
that very well
look upon the Cellular Priests
as at least
almost pure
and chaste
but some aren't pure
and some aren't chaste.

Some Cellular Priests
was said to have at least
with a member of his congregation
which was an unholy situation.

does revitalize the Cell
and it feels so well
but why insist that Cells
go to Cell Hell
for very well
some mostly harmless
it was a forced conjugation.

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Yeasts having Fun!

Cell Hell viewtopic.php?f=70&t=5327&start=1680#p49186

Cell Masses at a Holy Cell Mass

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:44 pm
by secretnude
The High Cellular Priests
that did act and look like Yeast
now did celebrate the Holy Cell
as masses
of Ordinary Cells
very well
did flock
like flocks
of sheep.

Some Cells
did weep
via Vacuoles that either keep
material in our out of the Cell
but the Cells
were quite well
since the Cellular Priest very well
such that the sermon broke
the mostly rational Cells
to feel very well
the Odd
Ethereal Pseudopods
of the Almighty Cell.

I can tell
sermon was of the Apoptosis
of the Daughter Cell
of the Almighty Cell
causing emotional catharsis.

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Cell Apoptosis

Cell Vacuoles

Mass of Cells

Morality of Dogs need no Gods unless they are dyslexic

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:19 pm
by secretnude
I wonder how would we Biblically
account for Dog Morality?

Maybe the Adam Dog
and the Eve Dog
also took a bite of the Fruit
that at the Root
gave Knowledge of Good and Bad
such that Dogs
can be very sad
when we call them bad.

Unfortunately, the Story of the Genesis
of Man
is mostly of Man's
and omits Dog

is a Revolution
in our understanding
of how Morality
can in actuality
be 'built in'
most social creatures
such that the specialness of Humanity
is threatened for sure.

maybe just another moral
new book “Citizen Canine,” author David Grimm writes about research by Marc Bekoff at the University of Colorado at Boulder, who studies dogs
According to Bekoff, studying dog play reveals more than the animals’ emotional lives. It could ultimately shed light on the evolution of human emotions and how we came to build a civilization based on laws and cooperation, empathy and altruism.
Watch a couple of dogs play, and you’ll probably see seemingly random gestures, lots of frenetic activity and a whole lot of energy being expended. But decades of research suggest that beneath this apparently frivolous fun lies a hidden language of honesty and deceit, empathy and perhaps even a humanlike morality.

Take those two dogs. That yogalike pose is known as a “play bow,” and in the language of play it’s one of the most commonly used words. It’s an instigation and a clarification, a warning and an apology. Dogs often adopt this stance as an invitation to play right before they lunge at another dog; they also bow before they nip (“I’m going to bite you, but I’m just fooling around”) or after some particularly aggressive roughhousing (“Sorry I knocked you over; I didn’t mean it.”).

All of this suggests that dogs have a kind of moral code — one long hidden to humans until a cognitive ethologist named Marc Bekoff began to crack it.

A wiry 68-year-old with reddish-gray hair tied back in a long ponytail, Bekoff is a professor emeritus at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he taught for 32 years. He began studying animal behavior in the early 1970s, spending four years videotaping groups of dogs, wolves and coyotes in large enclosures and slowly playing back the tapes, jotting down every nip, yip and lick. “Twenty minutes of film could take a week to analyze,” he says.
The data revealed insights into how the animals maintained their tight social bonds — by grooming each other, for example. But what changed Bekoff’s life was watching them play. The wolves would chase each other, run, jump and roll over for seemingly no other reason than to have fun.

Few people had studied animal play, but Bekoff was intrigued. “Play is a major expenditure of energy, and it can be dangerous,” he says. “You can twist a shoulder or break a leg, and it can increase your chances of being preyed upon. So why do they do it? It has to feel good.”

Suddenly, Bekoff wasn’t interested just in behavior; he was interested also in emotions and, fundamentally, what was going on inside these animals’ heads.

Darwin’s dogs
Bekoff wasn’t the first scientist to become intrigued by the canine mind. Charles Darwin in the mid-1800s had postulated that canines were capable of abstract thought, morality and even language. (Darwin was inspired by his own mutts; he owned 13 of them during his life.) Dogs, he wrote, understand human words and respond with barks of eagerness, joy and despair. If that wasn’t communication between the species, what was?

Two of Darwin’s contemporaries had suggested that dogs could even sniff out someone’s social status and read words. But by the time Bekoff turned his attention to canines, scientists had long deemed them unworthy of study. Because they no longer lived in their natural environment, the thinking went, their minds were corrupted and could not shed light on the bigger question, the evolution of human intelligence. The only animals worth studying were wild ones.

But when Bekoff began looking at videos of dogs romping in super slow motion, he began to realize that there was more going on in the canine mind than science had acknowledged. He noticed the “play bow,” for example.

What’s more, he found that canines “role-reverse” or “self-handicap” during play. When a big dog played with a smaller one, for example, the big dog often rolled on her back to give the smaller dog an advantage, and she allowed the other dog to jump on her far more often than she jumped on him.
Bekoff also spotted a number of other blink-and-you’d-miss-them behaviors, such as a sudden shift in the eyes — a squint that can mean “you’re playing too rough” — and a particular wag of the tail that says, “I’m open to be approached.” Humping a playmate during a romp, meanwhile, was often an invitation to nearby dogs to come join the fun.

Such signals are important during play; without them, a giddy tussle can quickly turn into a vicious fight.

In the wild, coyotes ostracize pack members that don’t play by the rules. Something similar happens in dog parks: If three dogs are playing and one bites or tackles too hard, the other two are likely to give him the cold shoulder and stop playing with him, Bekoff says. Such behavior, he says, suggests that dogs are capable of morality, a mind-set once thought to be uniquely human.

Even morality hints at something deeper, however. To enforce moral conduct, dogs must be able to experience a spectrum of emotions, from joy to indignation, guilt to jealousy. They must also be able to read these emotions in others, distinguishing accident from intent, honesty from deceit. And indeed, recent studies by other scientists have shown evidence of these abilities (confirming what many dog owners already feel about their pets).
dogs even outsmart chimpanzees on some theory-of-mind tests. When a researcher points at one of two cups, for example, dogs almost always run to the cup that is pointed to, a sign that they have intuited what the scientist was thinking — i.e., that the researcher was trying to show the dog something. Chimps, by contrast, have no idea what we mean when we point at something. ... rc=nl_most

A non Human Person?

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:21 am
by secretnude
It seems
that Memes
also exist in Animals.
and Animal
are almost like Human

aren't that special, it seems
and maybe there's a Finned
to which good
pray too
but in my view
the Dolphins
and the Dogs
just slog
without the Divine.

aren't mental wimps
and they
don't seem to need to pray.

The sociality
of Humanity
that gave rise to Morality
may also give rise to Religiosity
in the evolutionary
descendants of ordinary

I had a grade school
teacher once that wasn't cool
to being called a Biological Animal.
Scientists studying dolphin behavior have suggested they could be the most intelligent creatures on Earth after humans, saying the size of their brains in relation to body size is larger than that of our closest relatives, the chimpanzees, and their behaviors suggest complex intelligence. One scientist said they should therefore be treated as "non-human persons" and granted rights as individuals.
The behavioral studies showed dolphins (especially the bottlenose) have distinct personalities and self-awareness, and they can think about the future. The research also confirmed dolphins have complex social structures, with individuals co-operating to solve difficult problems or to round up shoals of fish to eat, and with new behaviors being passed from one dolphin to another.
Several examples of learning being passed on to other individuals have been observed. In one case a rescued dolphin in South Australia, taught to tail-walk during recuperation, in turn taught the trick to other wild dolphins in the Port Adelaide river estuary when she was released. According to marine biologist Mike Bossley it was "like watching a dance craze take off"

The Soul Organelle Train

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:51 am
by secretnude
The Cellular Priests
that acted and looked like Yeast
now did at least
spoke of that Incorporeal Organelle
that was said to exist in all Cells.

The Incorporeal Organelle
was the Soul Organelle
that very well
might go to Cell Hell
if the Cell
doesn't behave well.

Some Soul Organelles
were said to become Holy Organelles
within the Holy Cell
where everything works so well.

The Almighty Holy Cell
was said to be
required to be
fed well
with Daily Prayers
that are mostly unanswered
but that was said to be
due to the unanswerable
nature of the Holy Cell.

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You will goto Cell Hell for being Doctrinally Unwell!

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:05 am
by secretnude
The Soul Organelle
was said to very well
be the vital spark
in the dark
that makes Ordinary Matter
than matter
without the Soul Organelle
that very well is inanimate
at any rate.

Some Cells
thought well
and tried to tell
if the Soul Organelle
is a necessary explanation
for Material Animation.

of Scientific Cells
have very well
dispensed the need for a Soul Organelle
since the Brain Organelle
does most of its functions very well.

The Religious Cells
told the Scientific Cells
that they will very well
all go to Cell Hell
for being Doctrinally Unwell.

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Holy Sperm Cells

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:13 am
by secretnude
Very well
playing with Cells
is quite fun
and I had twice the fun
as a Teen producing Sperm Cells
and then looking my own Cells
very well
under a high powered microscope
that was a very nice childhood toy
that I did greatly enjoy.

Monty Python did mock
the guilt inducing Catholic hex
on recreational sex
with the a song that was meant to shock.

I have seen my own Holy Sperm Cells
very well
many times as a teen
and it would have been
more fun
without the guilt inducing Catholic hex
that's placed on recreational self sex.

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Holy Sperm

Cult of the Holy Volvox

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 10:47 am
by secretnude
An Unorthodox Holy Cell Priest
that no longer acted like Yeast
made a pronounced
that he believed now
that somehow
some Holy Cells
had very well
evolved into a Incorporeal Multicellular
Organism that calls itself a Holy Volvox.

The Holy Volvox
is composed of Holy Cells
that very well
decided to cooperate
than fight
and at any rate
with their joint might
they smite
puny Incorporeal Unicellular
Holy Cells
that might as well
go to Cell Hell.

This Cult of the Volvox
involved forming an Aquatic Prayer Sphere
that's to be feared
and this Cult was indeed quite feared.

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Holy Volvox

Cults and Loss of Individuality

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:41 pm
by secretnude
The Church of the Holy Cell
very well
Cults that pronounced
that several Holy Cells
very well
formed Holy Multicellular Entities
that encourages a severe loss of identity
by promoting severe conformity.

The loss of individuality
is quite pronounced
in the Cult of the Volvox
that was just announced.

The Cult of the Volvox
wasn't the only Multicellular Cult
as many Multicellular Cults
became both more complex and regressive
to individual Cells
that very well
didn't know they are in a Cult
that has practices that maybe
or secular
that maybe
quite particular
to a given Cult.
Recovering alcoholics, addicts, adult children of alcoholics and co-dependents are especially susceptible to joining cults or sects. Often anxious, fearful, lonely, shameful, confused and depressed, we emerge from the fog of addiction vulnerable, naïve and gullible. We lack the inner resources and abilities to cope with the world around us. We are lost, seeking help, feeling abandoned and hopeless. Our sense of self-worth and self-esteem is abysmally low. We have no clear conception of our selves and a frail and uncertain sense of self-identity. Very often we are unsure of who we are or what the purpose of living is. In such a condition our powers of judgment and decision-making are impaired. Naturally, we follow the advice of those who seem to have our best interests at heart or have authority over us. Fearing death from alcohol or drugs, we voluntarily (or sometimes not) join organizations, which offer help and relief, but at a price. A price we are not aware of at the time and that we might not agree to if we new the consequences.

When anyone mentions the word cult or sect, we usually think of   groups like the Moonies, Branch Davidians or Lifespring. Many alcoholics and addicts fall for these and lesser known groups in desperation when trying to rid themselves of a miserable life of addiction. However, what also we fail to see is that many officially accepted recovery groups can also be cults hiding behind a thin facade of social respectability. Some psychologists and cult specialists have already raised the question of whether the 12 Step groups are indeed cults, endangering the long term psychological well-being of their members. "Groupthink" or thought control, cloning, mystique, self-confessions, "groupspeak", veneration of texts and leaders, etc are some of the features of recovery groups typical also of cults. Indeed, one should also be wary of non-12 Step groups, psychotherapy groups and even secular organizations. Your support group does not have to believe in a Higher Power or follow 12 Steps to be in danger of being cult. Groups can be secular and scientific and still qualify as cults.   

If we are lucky the groups we join may help us achieve or maintain some level of sobriety. However, in return, we may pay with the loss of our individualism, personality, self-identity and our ability to re-establish our place in the “real world” as functional, independent, free-thinking individuals. In the name of recovery members' intrinsic sense of self-identity is frequently undermined by the methods employed by a group. In fact, the methods used to keep some of the members abstinent are often the cause of serious psychological disorders. Such methods are extreme cult-like pressures to conform, emotional manipulation, threats and fear, reward and punishment and systematic deconstruction of the personality and its replacement by a pseudo-personality consisting of an artificial Cult Self or Sober Self. 

It is probable that the limited success of groups like AA ("curing" around only 1 in 5 addicts) has nothing to do with the use of a therapeutic method and more to do with brain washing. Those 12 Step members who stay sober for long periods probably do so as a result of the cult discipline and mind control, much in the same way that certain religious cults achieve periods of enforced celibacy and other acts of abstinence.12 Step sobriety may be achieved through methods of thought control and identity destruction, coupled with group coercion, fear, reward and punishments, isolation, reality distortion, linguistic programming, indoctrination and threats.    

"But don’t be ridiculous” you’re probably saying. “ My support group can’t be a cult. It is full of caring, courageous people doing a lot of good for others and themselves.” That is probably true, but a member of the Moonies or Branch Davidiians would no doubt say the same thing. Indeed, all cults deny they are cults and practice exactly the opposite of what they preach - loving Christians cults practice violence and destruction; personal growth groups cause personality destruction; ultra democratic groups practice internal dictatorships, and so on. 

“Ah yes” you say “but cults are religious fanatics, with charismatic gurus – we don’t have any of that”. In fact, a cult doesn’t have to have a living guru, be fanatically religious, or religious at all. That is just one cult variation. Cults can be secular, are found in the fields of psychotherapy, politics, science, business training, self help and new age movements. A cult can form around an idea, a book, a mission, a vision, a theory, etc. Often cults  form through split aways from healthy organizations under the excuse of it being degenerate, insufficiently fundamentalist, or badly organized. This is usually provoked by the need of the breakaway cult members to find solace in certainty, black and white thinking and set answers for everything. What Fromm called the "Escape from Freedom". Moreover, just as nobody decides to join a cult, cult members never think or admit they are in one. Cult members like to reassure themselves in collective self-delusion that they are superior, even denouncing other groups as being cults and/or congratulating themselves on being the true path, being rational and objective and even trumpeting their own non-cultism!

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Freedom, Existentialism and Religion

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:27 pm
by secretnude
is both a liberating
and threatening
Philosophy since in Existentialism
we are faced
with the loss of Authority
that can leave a person sour faced
if he or she loves the certainty
that some Authority
could provide.

If Traditions and Authorities
don't provide
the guidance
we need by chance
we can be
truly free
and we can live creatively
living by our own rules
ignoring made up rules
that no longer work
and work
to make new rules
to empirically fit a World that's ever
changing and never
standing still
and yet many Religions still
just stand really still.
Fromm distinguishes between 'freedom from' (negative freedom) and 'freedom to' (positive freedom). The former refers to emancipation from restrictions such as social conventions placed on individuals by other people or institutions. This is the kind of freedom typified by the Existentialism of Sartre, and has often been fought for historically, but according to Fromm, on its own it can be a destructive force unless accompanied by a creative element, 'freedom to' the use of freedom to employ spontaneously the total integrated personality in creative acts. This, he argues, necessarily implies a true connectedness with others that goes beyond the superficial bonds of conventional social intercourse: " the spontaneous realization of the self, man unites himself anew with the world..."

In the process of becoming freed from authority, we are often left with feelings of hopelessness (he likens this process to the individuation of infants in the normal course of child development) that will not abate until we use our 'freedom to' and develop some form of replacement of the old order. However, a common substitute for exercising "freedom to" or authenticity is to submit to an authoritarian system that replaces the old order with another of different external appearance but identical function for the individual: to eliminate uncertainty by prescribing what to think and how to act.

Re: Secretnude's Drabble Poetry Corner

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 4:32 pm
by strawman
It is probable that the limited success of groups like AA ("curing" around only 1 in 5 addicts) has nothing to do with the use of a therapeutic method and more to do with brain washing. Those 12 Step members who stay sober for long periods probably do so as a result of the cult discipline and mind control, much in the same way that certain religious cults achieve periods of enforced celibacy and other acts of abstinence.12 Step sobriety may be achieved through methods of thought control and identity destruction, coupled with group coercion, fear, reward and punishments, isolation, reality distortion, linguistic programming, indoctrination and threats.
My friend, you have a voluminous perspective. It seems to be generally slanted against the idea of authority of any kind... except for Dawkins and Hitchens, who are also a cult. Cult isn't necessarily perjorative. It's just gotten used wrong for a few decades.

The way I see it, everyone is wrong in their own unique way. Wrongness is an inescapable part of the human condition. And so a certain amount of self-suspicion is like anti-bacterial soap.

There are all sorts of people who go to 12-Step groups. The ones who get free from their addictions are then free to evolve into a better condition of any kind. The ones who are there for the wrong reason generally are the other 80%, who remain enslaved. So okay, it's a kind of cult, but a good one for those who recover from their addiction.

Self Empowerment vs Group Empowerment over Self

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 12:05 am
by secretnude
George E. Vaillant, a researcher, psychiatrist and a supporter of AA acknowledged that “AA certainly functions as a cult and systemically indoctrinates its members in ways common to cults the world over.”[61] To a certain extent, this has been recognized by AA members themselves with a witticism that has become another one of their many clichés: “If AA uses brainwashing, then our brains must need to be washed.”

I don't believe in self-help systems
that repress the self
as a part of the 'system'
to help the self.

I acknowledge the good works
of many self-help groups that do work
for a few
but in my view
sacrificing self-identity
for a strong group identity
might lead
to problems indeed.

My identity
has been fully formed
before I was informed
by the works of Dawkins and Hitchens.

I associate Dawkins and Hichens
and voluntarily
denounce some of their intolerance
but chance
has it that we share
many ideas
and that I'm sharing
my ideas here
almost without fear.
strawman wrote:
My friend, you have a voluminous perspective. It seems to be generally slanted against the idea of authority of any kind... except for Dawkins and Hitchens, who are also a cult. Cult isn't necessarily perjorative.
There are all sorts of people who go to 12-Step groups. The ones who get free from their addictions are then free to evolve into a better condition of any kind. The ones who are there for the wrong reason generally are the other 80%, who remain enslaved. So okay, it's a kind of cult, but a good one for those who recover from their addiction.

Re: Secretnude's Drabble Poetry Corner

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:47 am
by strawman
I'm sharing
my ideas here
almost without fear.
That's what the DC forum is for, my friend. We are all heretics here. And proud cult members

.... mostly of Cthulu, God of Nameless Dread.

Multicellular Cult of the Bilateria Day Saints

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:38 am
by secretnude
The Multicellular Cult of the Bilateria
Day Saints
does paint
a strange mix of orthodox
and heterodox
and the ordinary Bilaterian Cells
do very well
associating in fearfully
prayer groups that's typically
quite very powerful.

Much of the Orthodox Holy Cell
teachings have been very well
doctrinally incorporated
but the Bilaterians
do believe at any rate
that Holy Multicellular Bilaterals
do still communicate
with unicellulars
and promote Doctrinal Evolution
via Later Day Prophets
that do still get
messages from the Holy Bilateria.

Holy Multicellular Bilateria
include the Holy Fluke
that might just be indeed a fluke.

- Links -
Holy Bilateria

Holy Fluke

Holy Doctrinal Evolution ... -doctrine/

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Multicellular Starfish Cult

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:34 am
by secretnude
There was also the Multicellular Starfish Cult
that did bring in Cellular Stars
into their Cult
that believed the Cult
members are destined for the Stars.

One Cellular Star
so far
has done great action flicks
that are quite slick
even if his personal life maybe sick
as he was unable to stick
to Cellular Mates
that the Starfish Cult
many have hated.

The Starfish Cult
is quite spooky like a Sci-fi flick
and many did wish that its founder did stick
to Sci-fi than writing religious missives
that many still do remain dismissive
due to their quite strange objectives.

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Holy Starfish

Holy Gossip of Cellular Star Marriage Splits ... it-2691916

Holy Action Flick ... -in-years/

Holy Temple Grandin's Holy Cow Research

Posted: Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:53 am
by secretnude
Holy Cow,
does somehow
do good research work with Cows.

I heard of Grandin
via NPR
and so far
I'm amazed at Grandin's
and at the way she put her talents to work.

I'm better with computers
and pets
than people
since pets
and computers
mostly don't have yet
a Theory of Mind
that people
in people
with social skills that are deficient.

are mostly nonjudgemental
about our mental
since they are similarly handicapped.

I'm handicapped
at dating
and mating
and this is one Vulcan that I would love to date
at any rate.

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How Cow Research

Holy NPR Interview ... Id=5165123

Holy Temple Grandin HBO Documentary