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(Curse!) you (Alien) He Whale

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:01 pm
by secretnude
thus wail
'The supposed magical thing
called AntingAnting
that to He Whale
Superior Whale Powers bring
maybe isn't the real thing!

Can any of my minions
in my evil dominion
actually bring
the real AntingAnting
and not just any decoy toy
that the Prince employs'

Evil Minions
in SkeleWhale's
searched but failed.

Minions wailed
that the supposed decoy toy
could be the real
real magical thing
called AntingAnting.

soon deployed
a magic spell
that made SkeleWhale
not well
and wail
'Curse you He Whale,
your AntingAnting
is making me sick,
I need see a witch doctor quick'!

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Terran Spy in (Alien) Kilrat body talks about Cat Religion

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:13 pm
by secretnude
I had an enjoyable Kilrat Space Cat
sex session with my Kilrat
wife who was unaware
that I am not her Kilrat
husband and didn't seem to care
I may have been a sloppy cat

I have a human mind
and these cats
I find
are predators while we are mostly prey.

are aggressive in love
and war
and they worship and pray
to a God of War
and a God of Love.

religion values death in combat
these Kilrats
aren't afraid of death.

Neither is the Federation
afraid of death.
as we have abolished death.

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(Alien) Kilrat Space Cat sex does hurt

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 2:12 pm
by secretnude
After the Kilrat sex
that was violent
I, a Terran spy in a Kilrat body
had to relent
a bit as my Kilrat wife
tried to lick
my flesh wounds that quickly
after our violent sex.

I had been scratched but sex
had to be more painful for my Kilrat wife
due to my Penis Barbs.

Penis Barbs
that Kilrats
like Terran cats
employ to initiate ovulation
and increase sexual stimulation.

Imagine having your vagina scratched
and scratched
once more with each sex act
that you would love to reenact
with a Tomcat that
is eager to do just that.

Re: (Alien) Kilrat Space Cat sex does hurt

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:11 pm
by strawman
secretnude wrote: Imagine having your vagina scratched
and scratched
once more with each sex act
that you would love to reenact
with a Tomcat that
is eager to do just that.
I lack the necessary equipment, so I am spared having to imagine it. I think Scattercat may be the only one of us of the proper species to appreciate your offer, but he's got barbs of his own.

Terran Spy in (Alien) Kilrat body having an Identity Crisis

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:40 am
by secretnude
I, a Terran spy
have caused so many Kilrats
to die.

I no longer hate Kilrats that
much after assuming a body of a Kilrat.

I feel responsible for the Kilrat
General's wife and all her cute Kittens.

A new litter of Kittens
is soon due
that is due
to my recent mating
that was truly stimulating.

I consider them family now
which is expected.

Terran spies here suspect
me now
of betraying Terra

I have done no wrong
by my birth Planet Terra
even if on Krat
the Planet of the Kilrat's
I now feel I truly belong.

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(Alien)ation in an Alien sea where an (Outcast) you see

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 5:37 am
by secretnude
I am Gail a Hybrid Human
and Tau Ceti Cetacean.

I am adrift in the seas
of Bor
and my life I do abhor.

My parents are out at sea
searching for me.

However, you see
I am afraid to face
their angry faces
once they know
they have little to show
for the love and care
they did dare
to spend
on a female child they thought
they could depend.

I wonder if they thought
that the toys they bought
would buy my affection.

In our house there was always tension
because I sometimes wish
I never did exist.

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Odds are five to one that your vessel will be gone

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:09 am
by secretnude
In a certain Cyborg Federation
and Kilrat Dominion
neutral zone,
a Terran Civilian
Ship is about to be blown
into tiny bits
when another antimatter torpedo hits
from a Kilrat
Space Cat
that won't let this vessel slip.

You are the Captain of a Federation Ship
and you do not want this vessel to slip
into a void
we want to avoid.

You and your crew never ever forget
to backup your brains to the neonet
before any action we get.

An Epic Space
Battle we could face
with odds five to one
that your battleship will be gone.

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### Story Options ###
a. I am like Captain Kirk
and at no win situations, I smirk.

b. It is logical to accept defeat
and my ego, I eat.

Big Brother is watching a Terran spy in an (Alien) body

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:00 am
by secretnude
I, a Terran spy
on the planet Krat
in a Kilrat body
is a Kilrat Military Bureaucrat
General in rank.

My conscience is rank
as I order Kilrat Battleships to fight
forces that I don't feel they might
have a fighting chance.

I don't have a chance
to betray Terra
as Terran handlers
watch my every move
using cybernetic implants I can't remove.

Surely they got an audiovisual feed
that would feed
their libido indeed.

My sexual life is not off limits
as the implants have no limits
on monitoring my actions.

My Kilrat sex must have gotten some reactions.

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Work Gamification RPG

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:28 pm
by secretnude
Cindy works at a Fast Food Store.
Cindy actually thinks
Cindy gets more
things done
than mere patties and hamburger buns.

Cindy actually thinks that work is fun
via Work GamificationAR BrainApp.

distorts reality and makes it seem
that the reality you deem
unpleasant is actually pleasant.

Tedious and odious jobs
people don't love
get more love now,
with Gamification since it gives quests
that workers sometimes request.

Cindy is improving her armor points
by making it a point
to deliver food
on time that is good
and after work, gameplay begins
and it was an epic win.

Verse Universe BrainApp Store Primer

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:57 pm
by secretnude
BrainApps are installed to the neurochips
and are quite cheap
via the neonet
and so much variety we get.

There are augmented reality games,
reality distortion games
and even old fashioned video games.

There is the AppleMicrosoft BrainApp
and the Google WorkPlay BrainApp

from legitimate BrainApp Stores
are clean of mental hacks
unlike hack
filled sideloaded BrainApps
from questionable BrainApp Stores.

Brain Interface Device
or BID modules that are nice
for kids K to 12 can also be bought
in these BrainApp Stores.

If you thought
that this is too much power
this is too much power.

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(Alien) Tau Ceti Cetacean Whale Scale Mall or WSM 3 DAY SALE

Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:38 pm
by secretnude
Tau Ceti
Biped Whales
never fails
to go to a 3 Day Sale
in branches of a Whale Mall
even if Whale car parking is a fail
and on bad traffic these Whales

These Whale Malls
are WSM or Whale Scale Malls
and bigger than most
of the malls
that the Milky Way Galaxy host.

A disgruntled alien pig
made a scene that was pretty big
claiming that 3 days was not on sale.

Disgruntled pig
belonged to a time travelling race
that has an habit of erasing
life's minor and major fails
and thus the pig wailed.

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Virtual Vacation Staycation BrainApp - Holiday in your Head

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:44 am
by secretnude
I was a burned out executive
that needed a relatively
long break from work
but that won't work.

My Company
many workers on long breaks
and my Company
doesn't rehire
for heaven's sake.

I was so close to mental breakdown,
I was drowning
in several strong alcoholic drinks
when I did think
to try the new Virtual Vacation

The BrainApp
wasn't cheap
but deep pockets, I keep.

I inhaled deep
and pretended to sleep
while my wife did keep
my children away
for the entire Sunday.

I entered a Hyperrealistic Simulation
and my senses enjoyed the stimulation.

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A workaholic turned alcoholic now frolics in his head

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:06 am
by secretnude
Nice thing about these BrainApps
is that you can run several BrainApps
in parallel
as our Brain
is indeed massively parallel.

While I was in the Vacation BrainApp
I run an instance of my Bank BrainApp
just to ensure that any inBrainApp
purchases won't drain
the MasterCardVisa DebitChip
and let my enjoyment slip.

Hyperrealistic VirtualReality
or HVR feels like reality,
I made an inBrainApp purchase
for an HVR exotic dancer
while I enjoyed this HVR exotic beach
on an HVR exotic island
with white sands.

You understand
that I was a workaholic
turned alcoholic
and I do need to frolic.

So real but it feels a bit unreal

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:54 am
by secretnude
I turned to alcohol to escape,
now, I escape
into something more tangible.

I enjoy virtual edibles
in an incredible
HVR or hyperreal
simulation that ironically feels unreal.

since you are never
unlike in the real

seems to be calibrated
to optimise pleasure
in your brain's pleasure
centers for sure.

and gratified
with my HVR meal
I will deal
my 'other needs'
in due time indeed.

I made an inBrainApp purchase
for a HVR Sex on the Beach
while I think
I will also purchase
a HVR Sex on the Beach
inBrainApp purchase.

A virtual Coca Cola that beats the real thing.

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:40 am
by secretnude
After enjoying
virtual edibles
that was incredibly
better tasting
and more filling
than real food
I was in the mood
for virtual sex,
HVR or hyperreal
in this hyperreal

It was better than real.

I deal
with the thought
that the experiences I bought
were not cheap
but definitely cheaper
and better
that the real things.

HVR Coca Cola beats the real thing

Coke has exclusive rights
for product placement here.

You might
be disappointed
if you like Pepsi, I fear.

If I forget I am in a simulation,
it might be a fascinating situation.

### Story Options ###
a. Safely wake up and give up
this world.

b. A BrainApp Malfunction traps
you and wraps you in complications.

c. You forget you are in a simulation
and enter a simulation in the simulation.

Kobayashi Maru rescue from hostile (Aliens) part one of two

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:30 am
by secretnude
Odds against us Five Kilrat Ships
versus our lone Federation Ship
we rush in and let several drones
intercept antimatter torpedoes
in this neutral zone.

We fired antimatter torpedoes
of our own
that destroyed some enemy drones.

This was enough to let slip
the distressed Kobayashi Maru Ship
as we tow her away
from the neutral zone,
they say
while our battledrones
in plain sight.

With battledrones
our tactical situation
became complicated
so we separated
into two
our Cyborg Federation vessel to
be able to tow Kobayashi Maru
and save our crew
while with the Kilrats we screw.

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Kobayashi Maru rescue from hostile (Aliens) part two of two

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 10:44 am
by secretnude
Odds were five
to one
that our Cyborg Federation Ship
will be gone
as five
very much alive
Kilrat Dominion Ships
won't let us slip
from this Neutral Zone
as we lost all our battledrones.

We split our ship to save our crew
in a larger section
that towed the Kobayashi Maru
with shields that almost blew
while a smaller uncrewed
with the Kilrats thus screw
with a self destruction
that was our instruction.

Our shields was almost gone
when we actually left the neutral zone
and pursuing drones
ceased fire
as on the ship we fight some fires.

Re: Secretnude's Drabble Poetry Corner

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:01 am
by secretnude
I remember the first time I heard
the word ennui.

I first heard the word ennui
on a bad review
of the first Star Trek Motion Picture
that in my view
does deserve that review.

I write Trek fiction in my Verse
to relieve ennui
and to explore
what Trek would be
you see
if Terrans became friendly Cyborgs
unlike the Trek Borgs.

We have intelligent drones now.

It's not a stretch to imagine
a space battleship with AI drones
as an offensive
and defensive

hitting your ship
is not hip
hence drones will help you slip.

Geologist gets close to Ceres' core to sample some ores

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:35 pm
by secretnude
I am on Ceres,
a Dwarf Planet or an Asteroid
in the Sol System Asteroid Belt.

I wear a Space Suit with a belt
that carries prospecting tools
that are quite cool.

We have water ice
on Ceres
and that is nice.

is a refuelling station
on the way to Jupiter Orbital Station.

Ceres has Asteroid Tourism too
that in my view
supports the economy more
than the scores
of companies trying
to get to Ceres' rocky core
in order to obtain some metallic ores.

I am entering a tube to get to the core
to sample some ores.

Due to a Space Suit Leak, My Situation is bleak

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:13 pm
by secretnude
I was using a cutting tool
from my cool tool belt
when in my Space Suit
I felt
a leak
as I seek
from Ceres' core.

I detached
a strip of tape to patch
my suit.

My oxygen levels are still suitable
for a few hours
and only a few hours
is all I have left under rock and ice.

Hundreds of kilometers
of rock and ice
is definitely not nice
for millimeter
wave radio signals.

My radio signals
will be too attenuated
given where I am situated
relative to our polar base
a bleak situation, I do face.