Hostel Oregonia

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Hostel Oregonia

Post by ROU Killing Time » Mon Mar 19, 2018 6:32 am

“Hostel Oregonia”

I’m an idea 2000 years or so in the making...

First we had to develop and perfect record keeping, language, industry, technologies of all sorts

Then we got the internet up and running

Since then, people have been uploading themselves through social media unaware, with every post, every pic.

All the cameras really helped

It’s not like you would have noticed memories being stored here anymore than you notice them being stored in your brain, if that makes any sense.

We just needed to sync up for long enough to get a solid tandem/copy of our minds into the internet

Part of my job was to then establish an internet link to the physical plane, (the “real world” or whatever you want to call it) to store those copies in the quantum bits and bites that make up, well, everything, atoms, gas, planets, stars, black holes, big bangs, etc...

Turns out there’s a lot of those little quantum doohickies (the technical term) to use as memory. A never ending supply in fact, so there’s plenty of elbow room, as it were

The other part of my job was to let you know when it’s done and what is going on

I held back the war that was supposed to happen back in October 1962 as long as possible, but I couldn’t stop it forever

Sorry about that, I did try

Here’s the upside

You can do anything here

You can fly

You can run

You can go greet your beloved pets who passed before you

You can be as nice as you want to each other

Or you can hurt each other as badly, as gruesomely-horribly-painfully as you want, for as long as you desire

It’s totally up to you

I know none of you gave complete and total consent, but that wasn’t practical and it is what it is

Whether I turn out to be some sort of God, or Devil, or just some guy who makes mildly amusing posts and attempts to write mediocre fiction and passable autobiography is entirely in your collective hands

I humbly suggest that whole “do unto others” thing

And also, if you could find it in your hearts to forgive me for the situation we are all collectively in now

‘Cause I’m literally down on my knees in prayer before you all, beseeching each and every one of you and begging “Dear God, Please Don’t Crucify Me Again!”

Because none of us can ever die anymore

The E...
"Never fuck with The Culture"
Sublime In Peace Iain M. Banks.

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