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Horror Stories of Thomas Ligotti

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:17 am
by Thomas Daulton
Howdy, I ran across a weird fiction and horror writer whom I don't recall ever being mentioned on the Drabblecast -- I see only one comment in the forums that mentions him -- so I thought the denizens of the forum, or even the main podcast, might like to check out his work. He is Thomas Ligotti:

The New Yorker:

I suggest his fiction might be a good subject for a podcast one of these days. It is dark, and surreal, and apparently tends to revolve around the decay of familiar objects or settings which appear in a wholly unfamiliar universe of inexplicable supernatural horror. He wrote a nonfiction book called "The Conspiracy Against the Human Race" which lays out his philosophy of pessimism and misanthropy... he believes life is suffering and that to avoid propagating suffering, the human race ought to voluntarily die out through attrition (although he's careful to say, not suicide; he thinks humans should simply stop reproducing because, "non-existence never hurt anyone.")

I ran into this author because another podcast I like, "The C-Realm", started discussing his fiction and philosophy. The host of the C-Realm, KMO, read one of Ligotti's short stories. The print version of the story which was read, appears here, in the Weird Fiction Review: -- However, the episode of the C-Realm ( ) where it was read as audio, is one of the C-Realm's paid subscriber-only episodes. Like the Drabblecast, they have some paid-only and some free episodes. A free episode where they discuss Ligotti's philosophy can be found here: .

Anyone else more familiar with this guy? Is he too dark for the Drabblecast? He certainly seems to have all the other qualifications.