Norm Sherman versus... ?

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Norm Sherman versus... ?

Post by silverflute » Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:39 am

Norm Sherman is the best song writer that ever lived.

There I said it!

I found this podcast after a friend passed a link to Radioactive Runaways and I immediately bought his CD anddownloaded every other song by Norm in the archives. And I really do think that Norm may be the wittiest, best song writer that ever lived. Now, I know it's totally subjective and like comparing apples to rutabagas, and not all songs are going for the absurdly clever crown. I'm a big fan of Weird Al, but he relies on the punch of a coversong. I also like Steven Lynch and Coulton but don't think either of them are in Norm's league in most regards. I can't think of any other rhyming wiz capable of something like

I found you in a basin, full of radiation, a nuclear reservoir power plant station,
A starry-eyed tenderfoot terrapin swimmin in trashbins brimmin with uranium mutagens
Transformation, total mutation, turtle sent by Satan to destroy every nation
My my my they grow up so fast

maybe Jason Mraz?
And of course the music is great too, and catchy. The flow of 75 lines is really amazing and when you read the individual lines they are great. And then I find out each line is about a story from the podcast!
I feel like I could post tons of examples to back up my statement about Norm. Not expecting anybody to say Norm's songs suck really, rather, asking examples of other stuff worthy of comparative analysis.

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Re: Norm Sherman versus... ?

Post by tbaker2500 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:55 am

Welcome to the forums silverflute! Sounds like you might be a musician yourself (flute)?

Yes, there is something of a cult o' Norm going on around here. Some people come just for the stories, but most of us come for the Norm.

The important thing, is whilst at work to idly hum -
There's a fetus in the kitchen
In the silverware drawer
There's a fetus in the kitchen
I'm not hungry anymore...
You're my quasi-ichthian angel, you're my half-amphibian queen...

The Dribblecast, we don't care if you sound like an idiot.

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