Babylon Battle of the Bands - Lyrics

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Babylon Battle of the Bands - Lyrics

Post by Aquarello » Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:11 pm

Back in the day, a long time ago
Before Alex the Great made himself CEO
And bought up the world and all of it's rock and roll
And then watered it down, pre-packaged and sold it

Homogenized, monopolized, commercially controlled it—
I remember a time when rock and roll wasn't always
So plebian, so pacifist, so uncontroversial,
Let me rock your face off! (after this brief commercial)...

It started in a garden, when God made man
And told him that his job was to cultivate the land
But one day while Adam was taking a snooze,
God plucked out his rib and created the blues

She broke Adam's heart, right after he awoke—
And inspired Adam's music to mix gospel, jazz and folk,
The next day Yahweh was up before dawn,
Yelling "You kids turn down that rock music, and get off my lawn!"

Fight the Power, Stick it to the Man
Get all the ladies, get all the land
Tune up your Oud, crank up your amps
It's the Babylon Battle of the Bands!

All the slaves in your city-state get up and dance
Shake those shackles, clap those hands
You wanna see your civilization advance?
Then grab that tablet and enter your clan
In Hegemon Sargon's Babylon Battle of the Bands

They discovered heavy metal in the Bronze Age
the first distortion pedal caused outrage
Gilgamesh died his hair pink, just to make a statement
Hammarabi wrote a Law Code, just so he could break it

Behind the ziggurat, smoking cigarettes,
kids cutting class, and growing out mohawks,
They started different bands and gathered more fans
Acquired new lands, kept trying to expand

Just a matter of time before things went amiss
Read the writing on the wall (in cuneiform script)
The Cradle of civilization, has come undone and begun
An Assyrian rock revolution

Mesopotamia's most brutal competition
With armies of greasy-haired rock and roll musicians
Battling for power, fighting for supremacy,
And a record deal, in the record of history


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My first Bbardle

Post by DougallStrange » Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:34 am

A great introduction to the Drabblecast. I totally wasn't expecting a song, much less one that mentions Assyrians. One question though what is the song that plays at the intro and outro to the show, I can't get it out of my brain!
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Post by normsherman » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:43 am

Thanks for the ego stroke! And here I was thinking we were just friends.

That's a song I wrote called Rutabaga. It's about vegetable vengeance. You can hear it for free as Drabblecast Episode 7 from back in the day (check archive section of website or download it in Uncle Tom's Cabinet:

or you could buy it, along with 9 others equally awkward brain worms

Either way, welcome to the clan Dougall.
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Post by DougallStrange » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:55 am

Thanks for the Info and the welcome. Hopefully I can make room for another Drabblecast song now!
Unnamable Cthuloid horrors, crumble rock, rusts scissors and inscribes paper with blasphemous secrets that cause your eyeballs to explode while your tongue catches fire from the unholy hymns your crazed mind forces you to scream out.

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Re: Babylon Battle of the Bands

Post by FAIL:SAFE » Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:28 am

Just listened to this one- an outstanding song and real brain worm of a tune.

However, there is another Babylonian rapper, and he rhymes in Aramaic!

Y-love - this is babylon ... ata_player" onclick=";return false;

Bit hard to hear the lyrics in this shaky cam video.

So heats a clearer song- ... ata_player" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Babylon Battle of the Bands

Post by bratri_ve_zbrani » Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:03 pm

As a self-confessed nerd and history fan, THIS SONG IS F***ING BRILL!

You're like Weird Al Yankovich but better! (I really like the Heartache over Innsmouth song btw, especially b/c I heard it after I read went through my HPL phase and actually "got" the song")

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