Vote for Best Twabble : 2014 People's Choice

Vote for the best Twabble

Poll ended at Mon May 11, 2015 9:37 am

320 - by Algernon Sydney is Dead
324 - by Jarod K. Anderson
335 - by bryanwitha_y
338 - by Unreliable Narrator
346 - by Kestaa
Total votes: 22

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Vote for Best Twabble : 2014 People's Choice

Postby Algernon Sydney is Dead » Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:37 am

Best Twabble

Vote for your favorite twabble for the last Drabblecast year, from among the nominees.
Poll ends Monday, May 11th, at 11:59 PM, PDT (Extended 1 week!)

Twabble Nominees:

320 (audio) author: Algernon Sydney is Dead
The dragon ate me but did not destroy my amulet of protection. Still, after days of battling in intestines, I was pooped.

324 (audio) author: Jarod K. Anderson
"G-g-g-ghost!" yelled Steve, ashamed about his stutter. "St-St-St-Steve!" yelled the ghost. It was mean-spirited.

335 (audio) author: bryanwitha_y
The marionette boy dreamt of a world enveloped in string, from city to tree to cloud to moon. The freedom to fly anywhere.

338 (audio) author: Unreliable Narrator
My sister just read a book about Stockholm Syndrome. She said it was pretty bad at first but by the end she kind of liked it.

346 (audio) author: Kestaa
“Oh God, I'm pregnant!” Mary whispers, with hands folded and eyes closed.
“I know,” the Voice replies. “I put it there.”

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