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Post by normsherman » Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:28 am


I greet you in name of sire Akeem Bimbola, who is being. It
seems sad things happen. Our animals have decided constant discovry
channel animal planet filming invasion of privacy and revolt.
Yesterday, sire prince Akeem Bimbola has a dad, King Nafrutin
Bimbola, who is heading to local western express station to make
charities withdrawal when was struck by a rabid zebra of Tukani
national forest rebellion and tourist district military team . I
regret to inform that sire Akkem Bimbola has lost his King?
Now zebra is has demand of 100$ MILLION US MARKS or rabid zera
will trample down into dirt sire Akeem Bimbola with his military
cadilac twenty-4 inch dubs and gangsta giraffe.
Akeem Bimbola is twelve so only hsa small concubine lodge, and
must keep it and moneys. In the name of God will we move him to
United States land for safety keeping until rabid zebra become bored
and go back to reeding and lose cadillac to bastard
rhinoceres extorter.
To this end we ask for your help. sire Akeem Bimbola, God save
him and you will need thirty acres of land and must arrange
transaction with two-legged land seller of your country but will need
to Get funds to seller. So we ask, in name of dead Bimbo and God,
that you kindly provide wiring details of your account to immediate
funding. In exchange for cooperation, we will grant a sum of ten
percents, or $1 MILLION US MARKS, to you for broke fee.

In Name of God Bless,
Duk Lizeen
Not an ostrich on computer but person like you is good
"Give us all some Jelly"