Still alive?

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Re: Still alive?

Postby ChrisFletcher » Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:36 pm

ScubaMan wrote:I loathe to add grist to the rumour mill.

I loathe that there's a rumor mill to add grist to. If Drabblecast is done, why not a quick note from Norm to say as much? If it's finance, same answer. If they've moved onto other things, same answer.

I don't think the silence is exactly fair on everyone.
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Re: Still alive?

Postby Hellcat » Mon Mar 26, 2018 3:07 am

The last drabble was January 2017, and haven't seen anything since. Is it lack of funds or interest, or is Norm working on other podcasts / roaming the country and going wild with his music? Really hope they update with some kind of news, otherwise we'll have to make a truly mythical eulogy.
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Re: Still alive?

Postby McLaughin » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:29 am

I'm not sure anybody knows what happened, which I guess is the way of things. If I was guessing, I'd say that life got in the way. Norm tweeted out back in July about staying tuned, but I think life might have gotten in the way again. At this point, I just poke around here from time to time and keep an ear out.

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Re: Still alive?

Postby Pelyphin » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:44 pm

I've noticed the Drabblecast for the past several years, but I just recently found it. The vibe is a little strange at first, but once you get it? There's nothing else like this. There are some excellent narrators out there (like Kate Baker), and Norm is right up there with them, but the music tips the scales. The music is perfect, amazing. The rest of the format - the bookends - the drabbles, twabbles, the occasional song, whatever inspiration leads to - this is the most coherent magazine in audio form I've seen.

The Starship Sofa tries - apologies to Tony, and maybe it's just me; maybe it's just not my cup of tea - but the Drabblecast keeps the focus on the fiction, within a credible magazine format. I usually skip the extraneous SS stuff; I listen to the Drabblecast from beginning to end. I guess I must be a "strange listener."

Norm has tremendous talent; the 'zine has heart and soul, and apparently quite a (I just showed up here to make this post, so I'm not going to pass judgement one way or the other on you people). I will say - I might as well - that this place is a community the way Innsmouth is a place to live.

This is essentially the perfect audio e-zine. It has legs (there might be an extra joint or two, but that's all to the good). So I show up here, looking for something to get into, and it's gone AWOL? ...why?

This is what I hate about so many internet projects. Everything's coming up roses (...nematodes? Well-water fouled by a color out of space?), then one day... nothing. Millions of people hit the page over and over, and nothing ever changes. No explanation. I would hate for the Drabblecast to fall to something like that. There is so much potential here; it would be so easy to spend one or two minutes and let everyone who cares know what's what.

I'll help read the slush pile; I might be some use as an editor. I'm broke, but if there's financial trouble, I can find some room to give. Pay me a living wage, and I'll move into your house (...?). I believe in this place. I'm standing in the chamber; I have my head to the floorboards. Listening for the slow and constant beat of the master's tell-tale heart.

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Re: Still alive?

Postby eric_marsh » Sun May 20, 2018 12:32 pm

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that it's burnout. Norm and the DC crew put a tremendous amount of effort in and I'm sure it was a constant struggle to stay above water.

But the fact that there's been no official shutdown is a good thing. It leaves open the possibility of future stories.
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