Drabblecast 059 - The Interview

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Post by planish » Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:06 am

weldonburge wrote:I always like Kevin's work, and this is no exception. The story reminded me a lot of the classic, creepy Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life," starring Billy Mumy as the brat/monster child. "That was a good thing you did. A real good thing!"
That was my first thought, except I always think of it as reading the short story (1953) by Jerome Bixby. (in the original Klingon, no less). Not sure if I ever saw the Twilight Zone version.

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Re: Drabblecast 59 - The Interview by Kevin Anderson

Post by Mikes » Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:11 am

The thread: It's alive, IT'S ALIVE!!!!

Ahem, yeah sorry, I'm making my way through the DC archive and this story has so far stood out a mile for me. not one, but three twists, each one bigger than the last. I especially loved the line 'using his hands like rib spreaders' :D

Also, as a parent, that kid needs a slap.
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Re: Drabblecast 59 - The Interview by Kevin Anderson

Post by Unblinking » Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:39 pm

Will I be shunned if I admit I've never seen the Twilight Zone episode everyone's referring to? Yet it still reminded me of it, because I've seen parodies of it (including that Treehouse of Horror episode).

Anyway, I agree with those who said the flesh-eating zombies seemed a little tacked-on. I loved the premise up until that, I liked the kid being able to hold the souls in the body, but the flesh-eating kind of turned it from a great idea into a cliche.

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Re: Drabblecast 059 - The Interview

Post by sandrilde » Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:43 pm

This story was great and makes me respect Kevin Anderson a lot (though I already did from Pumpkinseeds). It really creeped me out when the aunt and uncle turned out to be dead and then with the receptionist...

Yes, they're zombies, but not like any type of zombies I've ever encountered. Loved it.

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