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Drabblecast 355 - Kiriki Grocery

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:42 am
by Algernon Sydney is Dead
Feature: Kiriki Grocery by Tory Hoke
No drabble for this episode.
Genres: Sci-Fi
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Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
The last day of orientation at New Plymouth University, Work Placement called students up in pairs. Rhonda Morillo took the chair next to a big-boned blond girl--Deirdre, pretty sure--as their peer advisor announced their "exciting cultural opportunity": stocking shelves at Kiriki Grocery.

Episode Art: Tory Hoke
This story is a Drabblecast original.

Twabble: “ The Assassin's Wives Club threw her a party for her first kill. A small party with a small cake, that no one dared to touch. ” by Drewdidthis

Re: Drabblecast 355 - Kiriki Grocery

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:36 pm
by Chairman Goodchild
Very cool, quirky story. Why wouldn't aliens have grocery stores very similar to our own? Makes sense, doesn't it? And if the aliens have money and grocery stores, then perhaps armed robbery is inevitable. Perhaps if humanity encountered alien life forms, we'd find them all a bit too familiar...

My only complaint is that I wasn't exactly sure what exactly Craterfox Block was. Perhaps I missed it, but I wasn't sure if it was on Earth or another planet. It seemed to be underground, but I'm not sure why that was either. Anyway, the author followed the rule of "show, don't tell", and that background information wasn't really important to the story anyway.

Re: Drabblecast 355 - Kiriki Grocery

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:43 am
by MartinForgeWorks
Great story. Who knew grocery stores could be so interesting