A Little Father-Son Time

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A Little Father-Son Time

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I plant a kiss on Mother’s cheek and step outside to fetch my hatchet from the garden shed.

My skin prickles as my father claws his way out of the loose earth beneath the rosebush. I let him lurch around the yard awhile, clutching at the rust-brown stains on my parka. He seems to enjoy it almost as much as I do.

Afterwards, I head inside and help Mother to bed.

‘Your father’s still out,’ she says, clutching my arm with a withered claw.

‘He’ll be back tomorrow,’ I say.

I wonder what I’ll do if he ever stays dead.
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Re: A Little Father-Son Time

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Father's Day done right!
Rawr! 🦖🙊
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Re: A Little Father-Son Time

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Love it!
iF I waSn’T sO bacKwardS, i’D bE anoNymouS.
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