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The Littlest Muttaburrasaurus

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:54 am
by Jmsbrtms
The Littlest Muttaburrasaurus

Mutty was the littlest Muttaburrasaurus. He lived with his herd along the shores of what would become Australia.

Mutty was small. His mother weighted four tons. Mutty had a large nose that he could blow like a trumpet when there was danger.

One day Mutty was by the river when Abe the Abelisaurs came upon the herd. Mutty blew his nose and blew his nose and blew his nose. The herd turned to look. Abe became very self-conscious and left. Everyone thanked Mutty for saving the herd. Even the littlest Muttaburrasaurus can make a difference.

True story.