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Living Sacrifice

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:27 am
by thebulletproofamish
She kept screaming, even as the flesh of her young, featureless face was cleanly cut away by the clergymen, including myself. Most of them screamed, of course, during the ritual flayings, but after the skin around their mouths were torn away from their bodies, they tended to quiet down.

Not her. For days, weeks even she raved about in utter agony, at least until Andronicus sew her bleeding mouth together.

But that was not His will. For as her predecessors died to show His mercy, she lived to show His pain.
We removed her sutures and reveled in her screaming.

I've been on an apocalyptic, mayan-sacrifice kick since the new year started. So I figured I'd use that energy for something productive, haha.

Tell me how ya like it! :D