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Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:50 pm
by rowan_bristol
The podcaster glowered at his guest from across the table. The comedian nervously adjusted his tie, the white fabric with pink polka dots a reminder of better times.

"I never understood you as an act. I could never figure out if you were playing it straight with the jokes, or that this was some sort of Andy Kaufman homage where the audience was supposed to hate you. I just look into those eyes and feel like i'm not talking to the real you. Comedians are supposed to be truth-tellers, and you're so artificial. "

Fozzie waggled his ears in desperation.


Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:49 pm
by Dr. Ew
So great! I wasn't sure where it was going, and then... :D