The Death of Casagemas

100 word stories. Post all you like, maybe we'll dip in and use yours?
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The Death of Casagemas

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Hi everyone, I've been listening for a while, but finally tried my hand at a drabble and decided I should make a forum account to post it. All comments/critiques welcome.

The Death of Casagemas

Casagemas is consumed by sand, just the face left, dead eyes staring up at beloved Orion. Blood-red candlelight makes the hole in his temple a bruise, his months-long frown a smirk.

Those below cannot appreciate a handsome face. Or a year of dedicated effort. It would be easier if it didn't have to be suicide. Less depressing. Quicker. The weeks getting him ready were no fun for anyone.

But the sand is smooth now. A break from depression and chanting and smelly human-tallow candles. Time to hit the clubs, celebrate the new year, find a new man.
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Re: The Death of Casagemas

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Welcome UmbrageOfSnow,

I would say you seem to have found your way home. Your sand-sunken imagery suggests a truly demonic conspiracy. Time dances on.

Kinda makes Picasso remind me of Erich Zann.
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