Senseless [Afraid of the Dark Theme]

100 word stories. Post all you like, maybe we'll dip in and use yours?
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Senseless [Afraid of the Dark Theme]

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I found Sarah dead a few hours ago. It felt like Sarah anyway, above the waist. I can't be sure, I haven't seen anything since we went blind yesterday.

I sniffed her hair, to check. I couldn't smell her apricot shampoo or anything for that matter. I wish I'd been able to smell the intestines oozing out of her stomach instead of finding them by feel.

We shouldn't have split up. I don't want to die alone. That's you isn't it Joey? Touch me if you can hear me, I'm not sure I can hear anything. Joey? Is that you?
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Re: Senseless [Afraid of the Dark Theme]

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I'm confused. I admit, this is true most of the time.

Who's the third person? ... for that matter, who's the first person?

I feel like I'm reading something by my schizophrenic alter ego. At first I thought... Hear no evil, see no evil... smell no evil... but we can still feel the evil. I like it... no I don't... but he does.

I mean no disrespect, I'm just confused...

Speaking of oozing stomachs, in a survey I conducted recently, I found that 90% of the people punched in the pancreas said they were punched in the stomach.
iF I waSn’T sO bacKwardS, i’D bE anoNymouS.
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