100 word stories. Post all you like, maybe we'll dip in and use yours?
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Post by Kbilly » Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:12 pm

Not very good, but I felt like writing something sooooo...

This is madness, like having your mind wrapped in a damp towel on a, muggy summer day. I’m unable to breathe, to summon any memory of comfort that may ever have existed, or to acknowledge the horror in the peripherals of your vision. My hands are bleeding, and the blinding pain spreads further with every impact of the rock on the rusted screwdriver. What kind of irony is it to be furiously chiseling my own epitaph on a concrete barricade, as if my life depends on it, knowing this is my final act…and there’s no one left to bury me?
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Re: Chisel

Post by Varda » Thu Mar 06, 2014 6:54 pm

I dig the atmosphere, Kbilly! Very Lovecraftian. And it's never the wrong idea to drabble more... >:D
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Re: Chisel

Post by tbaker2500 » Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:28 am

You're my quasi-ichthian angel, you're my half-amphibian queen...

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Re: Chisel

Post by jeetkuneluke » Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:46 pm

Great post-apocalyptic touch. I like.

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