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...and the young child sleeps

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 7:07 pm
by Sunner
Jake is a captain
his ship is a ghostly thing
sleekly amorphous

he sails to and fro
shrouded in legend and myth
always weaving tales

his lifelong love waits
on a far distant sea shore
forever hopeful

her face haunts his dreams
he forever seeks the path
to return to bliss

but the mist prevents
with its tangible menace
the sought reunion

desire cannot win
what is foretold will not change
fate does not give in

the ship sails onward
and the lovers must abide
forever apart

until the endings
of all stories are told
and the young child sleeps

***Note*** my sincere apologies in advance to anyone who is a purist/admirer of this style. I was just experimenting and this popped out. I am pretty sure this form is intended for stand-alone pieces and not to be strung along like this, but...

Re: ...and the young child sleeps

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:46 am
by strawman
Time for another haiku contest!
The last winner was Trey Jackson, whose prize was that the evil janitor in the Black and White Animals Trilogy was named after him.
This style of train haiku would have had a pretty good shot, except the sunner is not the best name for an evil janitor.
The early episodes that were written by Norm were some of the best.