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Salvage [Category: Lovecraft Month]

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 2:43 pm
by Horrorshow
“He’s one of them leftover inbreeders from the Federal raid back in ‘28. Sorry little bastard. Spends all day like that, huddled up in the corner pissing his pants. Ugly fuck, if you‘d pardon my French, Sir.”

The orderly invited Mr. Olmstead to peer into the squalid cell through the reinforced window so that he could appraise the former Innsmouth resident himself. Olmstead was satisfied. Taking out a steel wire garrotte, he skilfully wrapped the deadly cord around the orderly’s throat and throttled him to death.

“Come on out, Mr. Sargent”, croaked Olmstead.

“I have come to take you home”.