Ask me Anything(?)

100 word stories. Post all you like, maybe we'll dip in and use yours?
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Ask me Anything(?)

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“Ask Me Anything(?)”

A Drabble by Steven Dana Lidster

A Riddle roams the streets of every city, a knife held ready in its grip.

It appears at random and without notice to ask a Question.

An Answer shadows the Riddle along the rooftops or from the darkened alleys, a sniper rifle at the ready.

A Riddle weaves within the crowd, or stalks lone prey that may happen by.

An Answer has focus on one necessary task, in the event a Riddle finds its Question.

A Riddle finally selects a Question and as they speak(,) the Answer fires.

A sniper’s bullet finds it’s target, and a Riddle falls dead, Unanswered.
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Re: Ask me Anything(?)

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Haha, A Riddle has a name

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