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Like Moths

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:11 am
by twobithero
My first attempt at a drabble:

Baby Wonderful snapped awake, drenched in sweat. Weak sunlight dribbled inward. Her bedroom door remained locked and barricaded, guarded by the pop-star’s best team.

A humming grew outside. She peered from the window. A seething black cloud neared, closing rapidly. She gasped. A thousand buzzing flies, no, micro pap-drones, streamed through the tiny window cracks.

Cameras circled in a flashing corona. “Care to comment?” Swarming her head, filling her mouth, her nostrils. She crumpled, gagging for oxygen.

Seconds later, the feeds went wild. Another celebrity death, another healthy revenue spike.

The door flew open, but the swarm had moved on.