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100 word stories. Post all you like, maybe we'll dip in and use yours?
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The Drabble Writer

Post by eric_marsh » Fri Aug 16, 2019 7:23 am

I used to write drabbles.

They were unhappy things, a product of life in a place where there is always the fear of an unexpected and violent death.

When I was young we all feared annihilation in nuclear flames. As an adult, I knew that just looking at another motorists could incite road rage and a fatal shooting.

Drabbles were a release for my existential angst.

Two years ago I retired and moved from the US to Spain.

Live is good here.

My muse has left me.

The sun is coming up. I think I'll go and get another beer.



It's good to see that the forum is coming back to life. The thought came to me that I should contribute some drabbles. But then I realized that I didn't really have anything to write about.

I did retire and move to Spain September of 2017. I find that life is good here and it occurred to me that not hearing the constant drum beat of impending doom from the corporate media leaves me with less of a need to find ways of destroying the universe in unique and clever ways.

No, I have not sank into the life of an alcoholic, though I see many retirees who have.

On the other hand, there is a certain element of existential angst in the idea of slowly rotting away in an idyllic setting.

It's just as insidious, but many people don't even notice it happening.

As a story idea it works for me.


I just noticed that the middle of next month I will have been a member of the Drabblecast Forums for ten years. That's kinda cool. I guess I need to come up with a clever drabble or something to celebrate. But on September 15 I'm going to be in Russia and many be too busy to post at that time.

No waking up and sucking down a beer for me.

Vodka? That may be an entirely different thing.
Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. - Horace Walpole
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