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The Warning

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 6:42 pm
by JSWriter
She gasped, too paralyzed to scream. Her first instinct was to reach out and touch it to make sure it was real and not some horrible nightmare.

She withdrew her hand as one of the many coiled, hissing monstrosities atop her head hissed and bared its fangs.
The hair had been its usual frizzy brown before the shower. She thought frizz was the worst thing that could happen.
She tore her gaze away from the mound of snakes atop her head and studied the bottle in hand. The warning had been clear, but mistakes were made.

Shampoo. THEN condition.

Re: The Warning

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:23 pm
by dinosaurmonkey

Don't forget, it's Lather, Rinse, AND Repeat!

Re: The Warning

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2021 1:24 pm
by Suomy Nona
I would so “do it wrong” over my entire body... then avoid mirrors.

Love it.

Re: The Warning

Posted: Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:48 am
by JSWriter
And gods help you if you accidentally use the body wash for your hair and the shampoo for your body. IT'S ANARCHY.