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Post by normsherman » Wed Jun 10, 2009 3:22 am

Greetings new allies. My name is Graldla zan of the planet Venza Yamik 36 and third in line to rule the Orlipian Empire. I

and my crew and elite empiric guards have landed on your planet in such of my long lost brother. We believe was taken after he

crashed in a geographic location known as Roswell, New Mexico. We also believe he was taken to a government facility in the

geographic location known to you as Nevada. We where planning on landing near the facility but a sunspot hit our navigational

system and we landed in a location known as Nigeria. We are in need of assistance for our engine was also hit by the radiation

from the sunspot. We require a transfer of ten thousand dollars for parts to repair our ship. We cannot offer you any money for our
currency is made of anti-matter and we would be horrible if the planet with my brother where to be destroyed. What we do offer

you is planes for intergalactic and a serum for eternal life and youth. We also agree to stop to stop abducting cows and using them

for our erotic fantasy. If you don’t comply with our demands we will declare war on your planet. I will stop at nothing to save him.
"Give us all some Jelly"