Winner: Bo Kaier! Spam this mess out!

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Winner: Bo Kaier! Spam this mess out!

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Earthly residenter,

My wish to your home is not haunting. I no rattling chains and howls is causing marital stess and wettn of beds. My name is Ubuntu Nissanhonda and inhabit your condo. I hav taken control of PC to sned heartful truthes. My luck was to fall from ballon in to your community while circling globe for purpose to share glory ambassador to Nigeria. A tragedy yes for family and not i continue to make tragedy no longer for you and children. Wish is for freedom from soul trap that is your excellnt furnishings.

My sister Appstore Nissanhonda is powerful Nigerian wish doctor. She is person for best releasing of my trapt spirit. Please touch her be in at

345 Swazu Pines Blvd
Bauchi, Nigeria

She charges sacred sum of 200$ american green dollars. Make out check to my name, Ubuntu Nissanhonda. She will shed tears and no it as signal her lost brother. Your families end to suffring will be her joy. 200$ is a promisary chickn blood and ear wax candle depst and will be returnd as I do to safarii tht lies beyond our knowing.

In faith of your presidential,\
Ubuntu Nissanhonda, phantom and friend Wink
"Give us all some Jelly"
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