"How To Win A Hugo Award" by Lavie Tidhar

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"How To Win A Hugo Award" by Lavie Tidhar

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No, the story has nothing to do with "sad puppies" or other Hugo drama.

Mite be cool if Norm could get the rights to do this as a podcast 'round August, especially with lines like "We have large penises," the whalien informed him, proudly. "We are whales, you know" being addressed to a rabbi about converting to Judaism.

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Re: "How To Win A Hugo Award" by Lavie Tidhar

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Amidst the assembly of strange stories, authors, and listeners, such as ourself, I look for more. How to Win a Hugo seems strange for the sake of strangeness. Of course there are Mormons. Why? Because that's the strangest religion. Of course, Jews, because Tidhar was thinking: Mel Brooks.
But where are the Catholics, to claim credit for saving earth by eating fish on Friday? Where is the teachable moment, when the victorious alien Whales laugh at the Catholics, and point out that whales are mammals, not fish?
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