Putting together a "Kids on Bikes" RPG campaign

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Putting together a "Kids on Bikes" RPG campaign

Post by acpracht » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:16 pm

Hello, all,
First a disclaimer: There is no official sponsorship or endorsement from Drabblecast - express or implied - for this little venture.
That said, the core of this RPG group (myself as GM and two player characters) are on the Drabblecast staff, so there's a pretty good chance our sensibilities are going to match yours...
What am I talking about?
I have recently discovered an RPG system called "Kids on Bikes." It's rules-light and focused much more heavily on interesting collaborative storytelling than on strict adherence to a big core book and tons of dice rolls.
Basic info about it available here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jg ... small-town
I invested in the core book as well as the "Strange Adventures Vol. 1" which is a sourcebook of potential adventure modules. The one I've selected for this first go-round is the Maurepas, LA, module - which has a strong sci-fi leaning.
Description of the setting:

An hour from both Baton Rouge and New Orleans is Maurepas, a small, prosperous
town populated by employees of Big Oil. A recently installed well has improved
everyone’s standard of living — but the town is far enough away from everything that
no one’s excited to be there.
Still, the town is tiny: two restaurants and no stoplights, just a single stop sign. The
“high school” is actually a K–12 building, and the population of the town is stuck
around 3,000.
If you aren’t in the oil industry, married to someone in it, or the child of someone in it,
you aren’t in Maurepas for long. There isn’t anything to do but boat, hunt, fsh, and, if
you’re old enough, work.
Things have gotten odd since a recent hurricane, though. A few people who’ve gone
boating near the wildlife management area have come back telling tall tales of what
they’ve seen in the swamps. It seems like they’re just making stuff up, though. Things
like that don’t happen in a quiet town like this, right? And some people have claimed
that they’ve started hearing voices through their radios — and they’re normal folks
without any other signs of madness. Must be the interference that outpost in Livingston
is researching, right?

It will be primarily play-by-post, but on Discord so that if there are enough players actively present to do a scene via live audio then that will also be an option.
Background reading:
There's this "ashcan" edition of the rules you will need to look through. https://www.renegadegamestudios.com/s/a ... s-b6t5.pdf
It's more limited than the full rulebook, but it will give you the basics and I can give you an idea of the broader options available to you in the full book (and any differences between the ashcan edition and the final rules) as you develop your character.
You will probably also want to grab one of the character sheets (either blank or one of the tropes from the "playbook") and the character relationship questions from here: https://www.renegadegamestudios.com/downloads (scroll down to the second section where the Kids on Bikes downloads are at.
If you're interested in joining in, here's your invite link; come on over!
-Adam Pracht, producer

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