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Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:01 am
by Algernon Sydney is Dead
Best Twabble

Please nominate your favorite twabble from the last Drabblecast year. Choose from Episodes 272 through 311.

  1. Nominate your 5 favorite twabbles in a reply, below.
  2. Please include the episode number for each of your nominations.
  3. Nominations close March 1st.


272 (audio) author: nevermore_66
“ "Doctor Doom? I'm from Mothers Against War, Anguish, Horrors, Anger, Hate & Atrocity."
"Yes, that's us." ”

273 (audio) author: Algernon Sydney is Dead
“ I pull the paper slip out. It reads, "You will choke to death on a fortune cookie." If I could breathe, it would be amusing. ”

274 (audio) author: Algernon Sydney is Dead
“ She prayed, "On Earth as it is in Heaven." Sure enough, the Earth was soon a cold, airless void, full of lethal radiation. ”

275 (audio) author: seani
“ My bloody stumps drag over the pentangle, in-out, in-out, ETERNAL shaking. "THIS is what it's all about!", He cackles. ”

276 (audio) author: Horst Ragnarok
“ His crime was subject to the jurisdiction of Poseidon. As is tradition, he chose his means of punishment: firing squid. ”

277 (audio) author: Horst Ragnarok
“ Sir Hugh secured his chastity armor. He learned the hard way that one takes no chances when fighting the dire armadildo. ”

278 (audio) author: Astroguyz
“ The End of the World wasn't all bad… I elected myself President yesterday & will be the 1st Pope to win an Academy Award. ”

279 (audio) author: Scarecrow
“ We stood outside the news station in protest against miscommunication. I still don't think our message got through... ”

280 (audio) author: Laria Grey
“ My butcher offered me a hand with my parcels, but they never have enough meat to justify picking out all the little bones. ”

281 (audio) author: Algernon Sydney is Dead
“ Jack had his head in the clouds & his feet on the ground. He wasn't a remarkable man. He just never saw that airship anchor. ”

282 (audio) author: Lyda
“ Four times they took him. Every time an anal probe. Now he was prepared. Every night he ate three fortune cookies. Whole. ”

283 (audio) author: seani
“ As I type, revelations pour onto the screen. I realise I've selected "Absolute Truth Serif"- the font of all knowledge. ”

284 (audio) author: Algernon Sydney is Dead
“ A mugger stops 2 guys for money. As they both take out cash, one guy hands the other a bill & says, "Here's that 20 I owe you!" ”

285 (audio) author: Varda
“ Odd laws are on the books because someone tried it once. So if you're going to fling piranhas, keep your pants on, please. ”

286 (audio) author: Varda
“ I think my cell phone might be sentient. When I charge it, it bleats! Is it just me, or do Androids dream of electric sheep? ”

287 (audio) authors: Varda & Algernon Sydney is Dead
“ "Creativity's a river. It doesn't run dry," Lisa said when she got writer's block. But she didn't factor in the beavers. ”
-- Varda

I pelt bad:
“ I typed in a fever
'Twas writer's beaver
My plot was in a jam

I couldn't have that
so I made a new hat
of felt
I don't give a damn
-- Algernon Sydney is Dead ”

288 (audio) author: Big Bad G
“ Red. Red everywhere. I let it enter my house. I dab a finger for a taste. Jam. The peanut butter has gone feral. I am afraid. ”

289 (audio) author: Algernon Sydney is Dead
“ My soap dish broke. It had a lifetime warranty, so I called it in. Soon, axe men smashed my door. "You know what we must do." ”

290 (audio) author: DireCari
“ Later, lizard-woman gave her errant husband such a strenuous tongue-lashing, that it went in one ear and out the other. ”

291 (audio) author: Tom Baker
“ They say, "Write about what you know." So she heeded the advice, and had an excellent career writing rejection notices. ”

292 (audio) author: MonsieurMoustache
“ I never knew my mom. But I love stepmum. She gives the best of herself. I'm lucky to have such a good intestine to call home. ”

293 (audio) author: MonsieurMoustache
“ "Grains," said the vegetarian zombie hoard. Farmer Bill aimed his shotgun. The alfalfalypse wasn't happening today. ”

294 (audio) author: Lyda
“ Slowly. Quietly. I creep down the tube. I sense the open air. My eight legs leave the vacuum cleaner; I run. Now. Revenge. ”

295 (audio) author: Varda
“ "Geomancy. G-E-O-M-A-N-C-Y." In the crowd, proud wizards cheered for their apprentices. The Spelling Bee had begun. ”

296 (audio) author: Swamp
“ My old girlfriend said she slept like a baby. I didn't realize she meant she woke up every two hours lying in her own feces. ”

297 (audio) author: BagaBones
“ Spiked punch, a trashed gymnasium and his mother passed out in a chair.
Oedipus began to regret his choice in prom dates. ”

298 (audio) author: Cymraeg
“ The demon was fed up with an eternity of unpaid torturing. Calling a strike, he shambled off to see if he could raise hell. ”

299 (audio) author: Chris Munroe
“ The tortured screams of the people dying in agony are muffled by thumping Swedish disco music, here in my ABBA-ttoir... ”

300 (audio) author: Farseeker
“ Waking with her arm draped across him, he smiled recalling the night. Gently lifting it, he wondered where the rest was. ”

301 (audio) author: kentblue82
“ Wiping my own piss off the back of my head, I stormed out of the men's room. It was time to take the portal gun away from Drew. ”

302 (audio) author: Strawman
“ Just at shift change, when the crowd at the fire station would be extra large, Jonathan rushed in and screamed, "MOVIE!" ”

303 (audio) author: MonsierMoustache
“ Jenifer never brushes her hair
Which is why I now live there
Since my roots reached her brain
Jen's not been quite the same ”

304 (audio) author: Spindaddy
“ Finally I asked "So what do the crop circles mean?"
The alien smiled "Well you know how humans draw penises everywhere?" ”

305 (audio) author: Kbilly
“ The embers ignited the birch, ice water rushed in and Nanook realized that you just can’t have your kayak and heat it too. ”

306 (audio) author: Kbilly
“ Keven sat, nearing tears again with this latest love letter to Raquel. He just could not find a “Q” to cut from the papers. ”

307 (audio) author: Varda
“ Bigger stocking, more candy, thought Tim. He didn't get any candy, but everyone agreed the severed foot fit perfectly. ”

308 (audio) author: ROU Killing Time
“ Eternity was tedious. He would dream of oblivion. Friends was on TV again. It was the one where Ross & Rachel take a break. ”

309 (audio) author: sigment
“ Dear ancient roly poly king, Matured to stone and bone. You have outlived all the other things, and now you're all alone. ”

310 (audio) author: Kbilly
“ Mommy, I’m really missing Daddy a lot. I know Sweet-Pea, but that’s only because he runs so much. Just keep on reloading. ”

311 (audio) author: Bejami
“ Buy a tree shadow from Peter Pan's NeverLandScaping.
All the summer shade you want without having to rake a single leaf. ”

Re: Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:49 pm
by Varda
Hey, Best Twabble? Awesome!!

Here are my picks this year:

Re: Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:42 am
by StalinSays
My picks:


Re: Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:29 pm
by afgrappin
Here are my picks:


Re: Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 5:57 pm
by tbaker2500
Brings a smile to my face. Great works.


Re: Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:52 am
by Algernon Sydney is Dead
My picks:

287 (Varda's half)

Re: Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 8:00 am
by Trusty Nautilus

Re: Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:29 am
by Algernon Sydney is Dead
Here are the results so far:

Code: Select all

Episode  Nominations   Audit list
-------  -----------   ----------------------------------------------
310             4      afgrappin, Algernon Sydney is Dead, tbaker2500,
                       Trusty Nautilus
272             3      Algernon Sydney is Dead, Trusty Nautilus, Varda
273             2      StalinSays, Trusty Nautilus
280             2      afgrappin, StalinSays
283             2      Algernon Sydney is Dead, StalinSays
291             2      afgrappin, Algernon Sydney is Dead
300             2      afgrappin, tbaker2500
303             2      StalinSays, Trusty Nautilus
274             1      Varda
276             1      tbaker2500
278             1      afgrappin
281             1      Varda
287             1      Algernon Sydney is Dead
288             1      Varda
294             1      tbaker2500
299             1      StalinSays
301             1      tbaker2500
302             1      Varda
304             1      Trusty Nautilus

Re: Nominations: Best Twabble : 2013 People's Choice

Posted: Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:42 am
by Algernon Sydney is Dead
The nominees are:
  1. 310
  2. 272
  3. *Tie breaker needed*
  4. *Tie breaker needed*
  5. *Tie breaker needed*
We need a tie breaker between 273, 280, 283, 291, 300, and 303 -- for 3 slots.