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Iris Macor

Post by normsherman » Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:48 pm

Dear Freind,

My name is Gregory Alabaster and I am writting on behalf of my client, Sir Ellington Swallows, owner of the following companies: all of Them. It is my grave dutie to inform you that Sir Ellington Swallows has passed away. An unfortunate incident involving seven rabid monkey and a shovel. Some may say it wasn’t good what did he with them, but he was a grate man, honored to be in the employ of.

As you would image, much time and effort was expanded in locating his next of kin. Sir Swallows made a will before his death, but it left $78.9 million dollars entirely uncounted for. You will be please d to learn that you are the benefactor by way of a breeding in of the Swallows family in regards to second cousins and suchlike.

So much we would like to give to you the funds as soon a s possible. The sooner we achieve the transaction, the sooner we can deliver the moneys to a bank account of your chose. Do NOT delay! You have only a limited time amount for the claiming of moneys.

There is a thirty day probate period during witch we will needs to collect transactional fees towards the sum of $2.2 millions of dollars, or .004%, as is the contractual standard of advancement. We will need the first payment of $2.2 millions of dollars before we can start proceedings. Then we will need another payments of $2.2 dollars befor we can release to you the moneys.

Please send your bank account information to the following email along with your social security numbers, your date of birth, and a photo reproduction of your license for driving.

We look forward o conducing business with you.


Gregory Alabaster
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Post by tbaker2500 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:27 am

Best one so far! :-)

I'm assuming these names are all donors?
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