Slaughtered goats are drained for your honour, big man.

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Slaughtered goats are drained for your honour, big man.

Post by ZuSquared » Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:05 am

Ha ha ha, O quite happy is my heart. For we have found each other. Opportunity knocking for you Mr Sir, and I am overwhelming to be bringing it to your letterbox.

My carefully parentally bestowed real name is Wayne-Kamal Ultra Wit Wing and today is a most happy day of blessed and mutal benefits and blood splattered sacrifice.

Good fortune is smiling upon you like an especially fat lady who has a big sack of sago grubs and no-one to mug her. You are now lucky and I am lucky to be making you lucky and blessed be that the luck will grow in increments descernible to all things with eye sockets filled with eyes that can see.

What you read may make you dizzy and giddy with goatishness. I am giving you the chance to earn easy bucks, for absolute zero toil; only reward. Ha! Shocking, yes? You may be frowning and and gruffly being all "NO! Cannot be true". But Mr Sir! It true!

All you need to do is safely look after $500,000 of my hard earn dollars for me in your safe bank. That is all. Sadly my money is safe not in my own country. It will be stolen! Outrage! And my governingment just shrug and say, 'what is $500,000 to you, Wayne. You are stupidly wealthy man and not miss it in ANYWAY'. But is that the point, Mr? Principle directs me to say that that is NOT right.

To right this injustice would only take you 5 minutes. If you give me your banking details and name and address I could deposit this money in your bank. And give you tidy reward of attractive penny.

Try to contain yourself, friend. Act swiftly. Delay is the devil's utensil.

Until soon.