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Sarah Burnham

Post by normsherman » Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:12 pm

Dearest Strange Listeners,

I am NORM SUREMAN, your illustrous host of THE DRABBLECAST. I write to inform you of outstanding contest offer. We currently accept entries to our NIGERIAN SCAM SPAM yearly tournament. Please submit your most excellent sampling of NIGERIAN SCAM SPAM immediately.

You may rely that your NIGERIAN SCAM SPAM will not be used as NIGERIAN SCAM SPAM, only entrance in friendly competition with GREAT LIVESTOCK PRIZE. Winner receives also entry in NIGERIA'S GOT TALENT, prizing which is personal recitation of NIGERIAN SCAM SPAM to Nigerian precedent followed by traditional local amusements with much revelry and virgins.

Please send your NIGERIAN SCAM SPAM to" onclick=";return false;. Please to include your bank account information so we may wire GREAT LIVESTOCK PRIZE immediately.

Savoring your reply,


"Give us all some Jelly"