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Post by normsherman » Tue Jul 20, 2010 1:47 am

**from an actual Nigerian scam spam!**
Dear Neuraccount User,

Due to many unwelcome constrictions in all neuraccount persona arrays, the neuraccount team would be shutting down all unused neuranets, including personas, evolutionary constructs and trans-congregational belief agglomerations. In order to avoid the complete deactivation of all your neural constructs and/or sub-constructs (including primary consciousness); immediately you must confirm your Neuropath usage by informational cascades such that follows. Failure to do these as said will result in truly regrettable extinctions. Please to know that he informational cascades requested are only for the safety of your neuraccounts. Please submit all informational cascades requested immediately.

Requested informational cascades is:

Persona ID Number

Security grid pattern

Date of Death

Date of Implant

Tax ID

After you must have followed the instructions of this sheet, your Neuropath account will not be interrupted and will sustain as normal. A good sign that all is well and all constrictions loosed.

Thank you for your unusual co-operation. We apologize for any painful inconveniencing.


Neuropath Customer Care
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